Doc wants you: Fan base revival group returns to campus

By: Christine LaFrancesca, Staff Writer

With the return of Doc’s Army, senior Adam Vargas is determined to ignite student involvement and attendance at all athletic events, starting with student morale.

The organization was founded as an opportunity to increase student participation and support for Towson’s athletic teams.

“Years ago, Doc’s Army was ran by marketing,” Adam Vargas, the president of the organization, said. “It slowly dissolved as a program because there were a few issues with how it was ran. We’ve worked out the kinks and brought back the name because it was something people liked and recognized. We’re here to push school spirit.”

To further their goals, Doc’s Army is branching out on social media to broadcast their ideas and peak student excitement.

“We’re planning on sharing a lot of are events through Instagram and Twitter at DocsArmyTU,” Student Government Association Director of Athletic Affairs Brandon Sacks said. “A lot of students, athletic directors and head coaches are already following us. We’re proud of the momentum we’re building.”

Becoming a part of Doc’s Army also includes perks for joining. Getting into games early, being able to go to away games and an array of prizes are what members have to look forward too.

“We see people going to football games and men’s basketball games but that’s pretty much it,” Sacks said. “There are 17 other division one athletic programs besides those two. The idea is to have people at those events because we really are what the hashtag says, #WeAreOneTowson and we want to support all of our programs.”

Doc’s Army plans on having enough students to have representatives at every game, for every sport.

“The plan is to pack the house for every event,” Vargas said. “We want someone at every game going crazy, hyping people up and getting them excited. We want to see sold out field hockey games and gymnastic events. We want to see sold out women’s basketball. All of them.”

Doc’s Army is still interested in recruiting passionate and enthusiastic liaisons to represent their Towson spirit and attract attention for the sports that deserve to be recognized for all of their hard work.

“We want to have at least 19 liaisons,” Vargas said. “The goal is to have at least one person to represent us at all times. Of course if more than one of us can be there, we will be but, we want to make sure we have all our bases covered.”

Doc’s Army is determined to put Towson on the map and showcase the amount of pride TU students have in their athletic programs.

“We want to be like North Dakota State and be big enough for ESPN College Game Day to come to us. That would be incredible,” Sacks said. “This is the movement that we’re starting to hopefully lead to that in five or so years.”

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