Donald Trump is actually the most politically correct politician of them all

By: Matt Teitelbaum, Columnist

Over the weekend, Donald Trump lied to the American people by claiming that former President Barack Obama subjected him to illegal government surveillance during his successful campaign for the presidency.

This lie led me to an epiphany.

Donald Trump is, without a doubt, the most politically correct, autocratic postmodernist politician I have ever witnessed. People say he’s this untrained, different kind of president. One without all the deceit, political correctness and narcissism that defines the image of a stereotypical politician. But he is all of those things. This is why I can’t stand him and why I am willing to insult him by calling him a liar and a hypocrite, despite my respect for the American presidency as an institution.

It’s not that his policies or ideas are wrong. I’ll respectfully take on someone who is wrong but open minded, principled and well-intentioned any day. It’s that his autocratic tendencies and outright lies to the American people are part of a personality which can only be described as inherently political in that it is diametrically opposed to the concept of objective truth (postmodernist) so long as that truth does not serve his political agenda.

Thus, he is eminently politically correct. Just with a different set of politics than the autocratic postmodernists of the left, also known as “social justice warriors” or “regressives.”

Trump’s method of lying — making utterly baseless accusations with infinitely significant implications to serve his butt naked agenda of dominance over others — exposes him as the very thing which he despises most: a typical, politically correct politician.

Trump’s treatment of the media shows his autocratic tendencies. He will say anything and silence anyone no matter the facts, so long as it serves his political agenda. If political correctness is now thought to be signified by an autocratic tendency to silence others that don’t align with one’s accepted politics, then Donald Trump is not a president fighting political correctness. He is in fact contributing to it by creating an autocratic, postmodernist bubble on the right that rivals the one on the left by spouting utter, right-wing nonsense with exactly zero evidence to support his claims.

In lieu of evidence, what Trump does have is the very same thing that left-wing, politically correct zealots have. That is merely an uncanny ability to shout that which is untrue so loudly and confidently that others who trust you via your shared political alignment will dogmatically believe it out of an underlying, slavish devotion to you and your shared politics.

This slavish devotion can be described as the delusion of partisanship or as politically correct behavior when it has implications in government policy. The manipulation of this slavish devotion can be called demagoguery. It can also be called lying.   

Since he is president, everything Donald Trump says publicly has policy implications. And what he’s saying are lies, out and out, bold-faced lies to the American people to serve his own agenda of right-wing political correctness.

The only way to truly fight political correctness is with truths which may happen to serve either the left or right. These truth are designated as such by virtue of the evidence presented to support them. Donald Trump has no evidence. Donald Trump is a liar. His lies serve his political agenda and only his political agenda. So, Donald Trump is that which he and his supporters claim he is the antithesis of, thus he is a hypocrite to boot. He is a typical politician and a highly politically correct one at that.


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