Don’t forget about your “Galentines”

By: Brooke Foundas, Columnist

As many of you know, Valentine’s Day is approaching very quickly and whether you adore or despise this love-filled holiday, one specific day we can all appreciate is Galentine’s Day! Galentine’s Day is the unofficial holiday on Feb. 13th that consists of ladies celebrating ladies. Originating from the famous Leslie Knope herself from the television series “Parks and Recreation,” this day is centered toward leaving your significant other at home and going out to strengthen the bond between your girlfriends. Whether you are single or happily in a relationship, anyone can celebrate Galentine’s Day by grabbing your gals and focusing on each other for once. 

Leslie’s favorite way to celebrate this official, yet technically unofficial holiday, is to consume a big batch of waffles for breakfast. As delicious as that sounds, here are some alternative enjoyable, exciting, and relaxing ideas on how to honor this day of friendship:


  • Take a group fitness class. Burdick Hall has a plethora of fitness classes to take including yoga, zumba, boxing bootcamp, and the new fitness program Caribbean Heat to fulfill your full body workout with an upbeat environment. Personally, my favorite fitness class is cycling because something about the catchy empowering music and colorful changing LED lights makes up for the high intense cardiovascular journey you will go on. Overall, nothing beats a strong bond while simultaneously creating a strong core! 
  • Watch movies with a strong female lead. There’s nothing better than women empowerment on a day dedicated to celebrating friendships. Go throw on your PJs, microwave some movie theatre popcorn and start scrolling through Netflix or Hulu (or whichever movie platform you use). Here are just a few of my personal favorite female lead movies: “Hustlers,” “Legally Blonde,” “Little Women,” “Clueless,” “Mulan,” and “Ocean’s 8”. 
  • Karaoke and bowling time. What better way is there to have fun and let loose with some karaoke surrounded by the people who accept your major singing flaws? Round One is a new entertainment center in the Towson mall where you can gather a group up to fifty people and sing your hearts out to your favorite tacky tunes. Even if you have never actually been to a karaoke studio, everyone has their go-to song they either plan on signing or sing in their car. 
  • Game Night. Everyone loves a thrilling game consisting of a little friendly competition. Game night is the perfect strategy to battle it out with your girls and prove that you are in fact, the best UNO player on earth. Additional popular games that are enjoyable to play are Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens,, and Yahtzee. 
  • Brunch. Okay so maybe we can all follow Leslie Knope’s lead by going to brunch. I mean, who doesn’t love brunch? It’s the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch including a delicious display of bottomless mimosas. Hosting a brunch party at your apartment, reserving a table at your favorite local restaurant, or even having a BFF meet up at the dining hall, are all marvelous ways to devour a carb filled meal. 



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