Eco-forum teaches green techniques

By Anthony Petro, Staff Writer

Photo by Anthony Petro/ The Towerlight

Towson students had the opportunity to learn what the university is doing to make campus more environmentally friendly last Wednesday at the Climate Action Plan Forum.

As a part of Sustainability Month, Eco-Reps from Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility and The Office of Sustainability held the Forum in Freedom Square, where they manned a table.

At their table, students could get food, check out books from the library promoting sustainability and learn about the ways Towson is attempting to be “greener.”

In front of the table, there was a board with 17 pieces of paper attached to it. On each of these papers, were Towson’s 17 goals to promote a more eco-friendly and healthy planet, including goals like affordable and clean energy and clean water and sanitation.

The idea for the forum was to allow students to learn more about Towson’s green initiatives, and place a pin on the goal they believed was the most important.

“We wanted to start a discussion and get students to see Towson is working for a better planet,” said Angela Ober, the environmental planner for the Office of Sustainability. “Most students don’t know about all the initiatives Towson has in place, and this forum hopefully sheds some light.”

Ober said Towson has “Green Roofs” around campus to promote cleaner water drainage and get rid of pollutants. Towson is also home to nine buildings that have been deemed gold or silver certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Five of those buildings are equipped with solar panels and many more have space available to add them when ready, Ober said.

“The Office of Sustainability is trying to start a green map to show students the initiatives in place,” Ober said. “Right now, around campus, students can actually find eco-screens that show the energy consumption of each building.”

Emily Sexton, a graduate student pursuing her master’s in environmental science, helped the Office of Sustainability by persuading students passing by to put a pin in the board.

“I just want to educate people,” Sexton said. “I’m concerned for our planet and we need to focus on sustainable development to provide a better future.”

Yakob Tirfe, a senior mass communications Public Relations major put a pin in the board.

“I wanted to see all the different things Towson is doing, and it all looks really cool,” Tirfe said.

Another student, James Tamayo, expressed a lot of interest after being persuaded to participate.

“I’m interested in a lot of things they do,” the senior information technology major said. “I work over at the Launch Pad, and I’m just really interested in what Towson is doing to make this a greener place.”

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