Europe’s MTV awards

By: Caitlin Moynihan, Columnist

Another week has begun, which means I can force myself to believe that the end of the semester is getting increasingly closer. That being said, this past weekend served as an educational break as Towson celebrated its 150th anniversary during homecoming week.

The weekend may be over, but I would be willing to bet money that we will continue to see Towson 150 advertisements for the next three years.

While I most definitely should have been working on my mass amounts homework and very important research proposal on Sunday night, I once again found myself sitting on the couch in the living room watching yet another award show.

But this was not any regular award show, it was MTV’s European Music Awards hosted by the amazing Ed Sheeran and Ruby Rose.

While this was not a pair that I would have originally put together, their similar tastes in music, clothes and style made their co-hosting seem flawless and genuine. With scripted sketches, hilarious one-liners and more outfit changes than I could count, this was an award show that I found to be genuinely fun.

In typical Sheeran fashion, he had me wondering if he actually had practiced or sort of just wandered onto stage and was still able to capture our hearts.

We were all finally given the visual of seeing Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber next to each other after months of comparisons have been made, and they looked creepily similar, not to mention the fact that their outfits were on the verge of being identical.

One of the highlights of the EMAs was Bieber’s performance where he sang “What Do U Mean” to a live audience sans tears and emotional breakdown, flashback to this past years’ VMAs.

Ellie Goulding, Pharrell and Ed Sheeran also hit the stage and wowed me with their unique styles.

I found the EMA’s to be refreshing because of the diversity of both those presenting and performing but also the music that was represented. There were categories for the biggest stars of a particular country to be recognized, and it wasn’t an award show wrapped up in pop music.

Compared to Miley Cyrus’ overly strategized hosting gig, the EMA’s gave me a refreshing view and renewed my hope for the music industry.

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