Everyone is listening to “Nobody is Listening,” Zayn’s newest album

By: Rafihat Banjo, Columnist

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Zayn Malik’s third studio album, “Nobody Is Listening” was released on Jan. 15 and is a soulful, personal display of Malik’s artistry. 

If you haven’t heard of the sensational English boy band One Direction, you’re probably unfamiliar with Malik, who simply now goes by Zayn, is an English singer and songwriter. 

He was discovered on the British television show X Factor in 2010. Malik has always had an interest in singing, even when he was younger. When he left One Direction back in March 2015, he was able to debut as a solo artist under RCA Records. Eventually, he released his debut studio album “Mind of Mine”.

His music usually falls under the genres of R&B, electropop, and alternative R&B. Malik was allowed the creative freedom to write all of the songs on this album and even produce a few songs. 

“Nobody Is Listening” consists of 11 tracks. The album has 2 singles “Vibez” and “Better” that were accompanied with music videos. This studio album was highly anticipated considering the last album he dropped “Icarus Falls” was in 2018. 

The track “Vibez” is a mellow and slow R&B song that was dedicated to Gigi Hadid, Zayn’s longtime girlfriend. “Vibez” was released prior to the album on Jan. 18. 

The song is about sex and how he wants Hadid to show her true self. “It’s you and me here in this room” and “If we’re movin’ too fast, we can slow up” depict wanting his girlfriend to show her true self to him and she doesn’t have to cover up when she is around him. However, he also explains that they don’t have to move too fast. Basically, stating that he will wait for her when she is ready.

As a Directioner and a Zquad, I think he has come a long way and this album showcased a more personal side to him. We are only three months into the new year, but I feel like this album tops everything that has or will be released this year.

Personally, I was very pleased with this album and I am excited to see what else he releases later this year. The only downside to this album was that it wasn’t longer, but overall, I am delighted to see Malik being more open especially since he battles with anxiety.


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