Fall 2018 beauty & fashion trend report

By: Kerry Ingram, Arts & Life Editor
Featured image courtesy of allure.com

Every fall, I look forward to the new trends that emerge with the hope of being completely inspired. To anyone interested in the fashion and beauty industries, fall is like our “new year.” I LIVE for a “new look, new me” moment. Have you ever watched an episode of “Queer Eye” and not been amazed with the transformative powers of clothing and grooming?

When fall rolls around, there’s always a mixture of unexpected looks, weird new crazes, and at least one classic fashion trend to rely on. This season is no exception to that mixture, but it is exceptional when it comes to the exact trends it is composed of. This fall is all about making looks that would traditionally be described as “themed” or “costumey” into cool and casual ensembles. You’re not even ready for this.

*I would like to add a note here that although the fashion trends are sectioned off according to “women” and “men”, that anybody can wear anything they want. This sectioning is for fashion industry purposes, however I’m all about living your best life and having no judgment zones. You do you, boo boos.


Faux fur – This trend gives me major elementary-snap-bracelet-vibes, but in the chicest way possible. From fur-trimmed skirt hems to fur detailing on bags, fuzzy looks are going to be everywhere for the next few months. If I were to make an educated yet far-fetched guess here (because there are such things) I’d say that the fur trend was born as fancy divas and cliquey teens began to mourn the death of Ryan Murphy’s “Scream Queens” series, a show that made Chanel suits and faux fur look as normal as a Starbucks cup on Towson’s campus. Regardless, fur is a fun addition to a college wardrobe but I wouldn’t advise it for the faint at heart. Only the most #extra students can do the most with this one.

Colorful Animal Print – This is definitely one of the trends I was not expecting. Animal print, which often goes back and forth between classic and cheap, is being updated this season with bright hues that add a fun flair to any outfit. Although this is another bold trend, this one can be easily styled as long as it is worn in small amounts. For example, a pastel pink, cheetah print, cropped tee paired with light-wash skinnies, white sneakers, and a cute jacket? Yes. A bright, neon yellow, cheetah print dress with matching flats. Absolutely not.

Stripes – Serving as this season’s classic women’s trend, stripes are back with a vengeance. From standard neutral tones to brighter, 70s-inspired color combinations, you’re sure to see a striped sweater at any retailer this fall. Good thing is, the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time (if you don’t get this reference, you didn’t have a real childhood.)

Sweatsuits – The early ‘00s are back with this one! Track and sweatsuits are being advertised in many trendy retailers, from Victoria’s Secret Pink’s new line of university style clothing to Fashion Nova sets being hauled and shared by influencers galore on Instagram. Best thing about this trend? You can be in style and be super comfy. Who doesn’t want that?

Yellow – The golden hour has come upon us. Yellow is this season’s staple color, and it makes sense. The warm hue gives a gently nod to summer and pairs well with our slowly fading tans, while also giving off happy vibes.


90s Styles – From bucket hats to dope sweaters, the 90s are still all that in the mens department. Fall 2018 is looking like the season of color, so feel free to play around with cool designs and loud prints. You may feel like you’re in a different world, but I assure you that you’ll be looking more like a fresh prince than you think.

Leather Jackets – This is finally a thing for the guys again, and I’m excited to see where it goes. Traditional leather jackets remind me of “Grease,” but the newly designed versions of today are less highschool-badboy and more trendy-college-cutie. Pair one of these with a graphic hoodie and sweatpants for a perfect school look that screams trendy without the try-hard.

Bomber Jackets – A returning trend of season’s past, bomber jackets are here to stay. However, stick to solid colors and more basic styles to pair with other unique pieces of clothing. The decked-out bomber jackets of past fall seasons are no longer in; less is more this time around.

Casual Button-Ups – You can thank Tan France for this one, guys. Casual button-ups are EVERYWHERE this season, and for good reason. These tops can easily be “french-tucked” into a stylish pair of jeans for an effortless college outfit, or paired with dress pants for less casual occasions. Bonus points for them looking good on just about anyone.

Prints – Again, adding fun to your wardrobe is essential this season. Live it up in fun printed tops or trousers. You only live once (and there’s only a matter of time before you find a job that may limit your clothing choices, so live while you can!)


Checks/Plaid – Calling all “Clueless” fans; this one’s for you. Checkered print and plaids are making their collegiate return, and although often looked at as stereotypical school prints, this year is all about making them look chic. Pair the prints with pastel basics for a preppy vibe, or don the trend with other wild prints for a more rebellious and youthful aesthetic. Either way, people will be mad for your plaid outfit this season.


Glitter – Another returning trend, glitter has left its mark on the beauty industry. This season is all about incorporating the sparkly accents in more subtle ways, such as a light touch of glitter in a lip gloss or a slight sprinkle of sparkle on the center of an eyelid. Save the chunky and heavy glitter for the holidays – the fall is our time to let it shine without letting it blind.

Braids – Braided locks are going to be a major beauty trend the next few months. Although this trend is one that often reserves itself for the warmer months, braids are here to add a twist on the traditional fall styles. From braided updos to french braids with metal accents, this trend is all about embodying the ease and comfort of the season.

Half-up Hair – In 2016, it was all about ponytails and updos. In 2017, it was all about getting straight, sleek and shiny Kardashian-esque hair to wear down and out. Now, it is all about compromising those styles. The half-up, half-down style has been seen on celebrities for their red carpet moments as award season begins, and that style is trickling into campus life. The great thing about it is that it’s super easy to do, and it leaves us not having to worry about choosing between how to wear our hair. Why stress when you can do both?

These are just the most popular trends emerging for college students this fall – what other trends do you think will emerge this season? What trends are you excited for? Tweet us @TheTowerlight and let us know!

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