“Fall” in love with your lips

By: Kerry Ingram, Columnist

Guys, I’m excited.

This Thursday marks the official start of the season in which Starbucks is abundant, nature is more Instagram-worthy than usual and wearing leggings as a part of your outfit every day is acceptable – fall.

The idea of pumpkin spice lattes excites me (especially since the Starbucks in Cook Library is reported to re-open this October), however what does not excite me is the idea of my lipstick being #ruined by consuming such a savory drink. I call myself a “lip-balm guru” because I am all about not having to worry about lipstick on the daily, but what’s fall without a bold or dark lip color?

Thanks to recent beauty trends, liquid lipstick is the new way to show off some color without having to worry about it smudging all over your face throughout the day. For this week’s column, I’ve decided to share with you the quick steps to help you get a flawless liquid lipstick application that you won’t have to touch up once you’ve applied it. These steps are easy and college student-approved, but if you need a visual aid to help, feel free to check out my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/glaminista08) to see my latest video that will take you through these steps, in action!


Using a lip scrub will help to get rid of any dead skin left on your lips to create a perfectly smooth and supple surface.

A budget-friendly exfoliator? Lush’s “Mint Julips” lip scrub will run you about $11 and you can get it right from the Towson Town Mall.

Want to DIY with what you have in your dorm instead? Mix a tablespoon of table sugar with a dash of honey, and you’ve got yourself an exfoliator!


Make sure to add back some hydration to your lips after scrubbing them clean! Apply a coat of your favorite lip balm to your lips to prep them for the liquid lipstick.


Use a lip liner in a nude shade that’s around two shades deeper than your natural lip color, or in a shade that matches the lipstick you’ll be applying, and trace the natural outline of your lips.

Apply Your Lipstick!

The trick here is to use the tip of your lipstick wand to go over the line you already created with your lip liner, before filling in the rest of your lips with the color. Think of it as coloring – all it takes is a little time and a steady hand, and your lips will be just as poppin’ as Kylie Jenner’s!

Now when October hits, you’ll be able to have both a bold fall lip AND a pumpkin spice latte. Savor them both. They’re both worth “falling” in love with.

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