Fanny packs and glitter to takeover spring 2018

By: Kerry Ingram, Associate Arts & Life Editor
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We are already a month into 2018 (which is crazy, I know), and hopefully your year has been off to an amazing start. The beginning of a new semester can seem daunting to some, especially after being able to enjoy six weeks of nothing but solid relaxation and hibernation. But have no fear! I believe this year is going to be absolutely amazing, and if that ends up not being the case, I at least know for a fact that the trends will be.

I’ve been indulging in awards shows, clothing stores, magazines and more to compile a list of the top beauty and fashion trends for spring 2018, suitable for us college kids on a budget. This year is all about self-expression, having fun, and presenting your truest self to the world around you – all things I think will never truly go out of style.


1. Sequins/Glitter: The fact that this is trending honestly excites me to the point of spontaneous combustion. Having fun with fashion is back, and that means channeling your inner six-year-old and busting out the sparkly garments. Don’t be too scared, however; this trend works when such add-ons are worn in subtler ways. Opt for a glitter detail on a cool pair of kicks, or a few sequins adorned on a ruffled blazer. Less is more with this trend.

2. Track Attire: Juicy Couture who? This season, track pieces are in. Whether it be track pants worn with a simple, cropped tee, or an entire matching tracksuit, this athleisure style is sure to work both during and after class.

3. Fanny Packs: The amount of fanny packs I have seen in stores the past couple of months is both shocking and intriguing. The sack made for your back[side] is coming back into style, although preferably worn in the front this time around. From designer labels like Moschino to department stores like JCPenney, retailers are each coming out with their own version of the trend, giving you an endless amount of options to choose from.

4. Sheer/Iridescent Fabrics: This is something I have mainly seen in more affordable retailers, like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Fabrics are becoming lighter as we anticipate warmer weather, with some pieces being so sheer that they must be worn overtop other garments. Materials like chainlink and mesh are definitely having a moment in stores – my only advice is to shop this trend wisely, for it can look cheap and unappealing real fast.

5. Bermuda (Bike) Shorts: This is probably the trend I’m most interested in. Never would I have thought there would be a day in which mid-length shorts would be “trendy”, but to say I’ve seen this cropping up all over different fashion blogs would be an understatement. People are really excited about bike shorts. Maybe it’s the comfort; maybe it’s the zero-percent chance of showcasing your backside at all the wrong moments. The bike short is taking a stance this spring, and wants you to know that it belongs in your closet, ASAP.


1. Glitter: Just as with fashion, beauty is taking a step in the more playful direction. Tons of brands have released glitter products – from Too Faced Cosmetics’ Chocolate Gold collection (which includes a beautiful glitter eyeshadow palette, loose gold glitter pigment, and an opaque, glittery gold lipgloss) to Milk Makeup’s Glitter Stick (which their website describes as a “rainbow-hued glitter highlighter [that] complements all skin tones), beauty brands want you to shine a little more brightly this spring. Glitter face masks have even become a thing. Again, six-year-old you is about to be extremely pleased.

2.Gloss: FINALLY! I have been waiting for the matte-lip trend to die, and it finally has simmered down. This season is all about hydration, including your lips. Brands are starting to release new glosses to try – I would highly recommend the Fenty Gloss Bomb, a universal gloss made for everyone and anyone.

3.Cool Tones: The time of orange and red eyeshadows is finally reaching its end. Brands are slowly starting to include more cool-toned shades in their palettes, Kylie Jenner’s Purple Palette being dubbed as the starter for this transition. Get ready to see more purple and blue colors; who knows, it may look even hotter than the warm tones (I’m just as hesitant about that as you are though…only time will tell)!

4.Pearl Primers: The spring time is all about looking like you glow from within. What better way to allow for that than with a pearl primer? Pearl primers, which are cosmetic bases infused with light-reflecting ingredients, are going to start cropping up, allowing you to achieve smooth and radiant skin while also providing your other products with a longer hold.

5. Sheet Masks…For Your Hair: The K-Beauty trend of sheet masks has been popular for the past few years (largely thanks to how cute they can look in an Instagram-selfie), and now the mask has evolved and moved on. Sheet masks for your hair are now becoming more popular, allowing users to give their hair a quick pick-me-up sans the effort.

Out of all these trends for spring 2018, which one will you try? Tweet us at @TheTowerlight and let us know!

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