Fashion week becomes a trend follower

By: Isabella Cropper, Columnist

Views expressed in opinion columns are the author’s own.

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) took place from Sep. 8 to 12, displaying the new spring and summer collections from the biggest names in fashion. Whether you’ve been keeping up with it, or if you didn’t even know fashion week was happening, I’m here to break down everything you need to know about the recent influx of influencers in attendance, and why it matters.

NYFW has always been a very glamorous multi-day event for socialites, celebrities, and prominent figures in the fashion industry. Recently, influencers from TikTok have been invited to attend the shows. 

With social media taking a more prevalent role in society, it has pushed fashion and lifestyle influencers into a new kind of fame similar to socialites in the 2000s. 

NYFW has hopped on the influencer bandwagon and invited big influencers to Fashion Week. We are seeing many young social media stars show up on the red carpet with self done hair and makeup, in addition to wearing less expensive clothes. 

This upward trend in social media influencers attending Fashion Week has made it seem as though it is no longer an event reserved for people who can afford the fashion that they are seeing on the runway. It’s safe to assume that they gravitate to what they feel most comfortable in, since most of them aren’t over the age of 25. Being at high class events, such as runway shows, is foreign to them. 

Being an influencer has become more common in recent years, with the amount of social media stars increasing exponentially. The line of work is very fickle; since their audience is what determines their payroll, they have to constantly work to remain relevant and stand out against the hundreds of thousands of others doing the same thing. Due to the ever-changing market, we are now seeing many influencers try and make themselves look more desirable by attending fancier events and endorsing bigger brands.

On the other hand, due to the influx of influencers and the size of their following, companies are more open to using influencers as a form of publicity. As the number of followers rise, the more prevalent the brands are that are willing to work with them. Another draw is that they have a younger audience, so inviting them will usually expose brands to a younger generation of potential customers.

The influencer attendees include TikToker Remi Bader who has based her brand on body positivity and affordable fashion. She showed up in a simple floral maxi dress with cutouts. 

David Burleson, another prominent TikToker popularized by interviewing random people on the street, also attended wearing a simple pair of khaki pants and a plaid oversized patchwork jacket. New York fashion TikToker Victoria Paris, famous for her unedited lifestyle vlogs, attended fashion week in a short leather shirt, layered chains, and an oversized black silk jacket.

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