Fast and Not-So-Furious 7

By: Nick Salacki, Columnist

What do I make of “Furious 7” you may ask? Well, the film that Vin Diesel himself predicts will win the 2016 Oscar for Best Picture will definitely not take that position, but the latest film of the Fast and Furious franchise is just what the title suggests. No, not seven times the furious, but the seventh time we’ve seen the same Fast and Furious.

I stand by my critique that what I witnessed on the big screen was your everyday, cliché, masculine, tire screeching and fighting grunts that turned out to be incredibly transparent. Not even the story line could have saved this flick. But I’ll tell you the effect this film put on me, it made me feel sorry for myself as I sat in my 1999 Mercury Sable after I left the theater.

We all are well aware that the Fast and Furious star, Paul Walker, died in a car accident while still in the midst of filming “Furious 7,” putting the filmmakers in a tough position. It’s also known that Walker was loved like a brother by co-star Diesel, making it right to have Diesel partnered with Walker in the midst of the tribute on screen. It wasn’t until the very special, simple, yet elegant tribute “For Paul” that appeared at the film’s conclusion that the audience’s heartstrings were tugged at.

As for the CGI, the filmmakers were forced to work around the absent Walker and it seemed as though it was used well, other than the obvious big nose that magically appeared during one of his character’s fights.

Just as we had to say goodbye to the renowned and loved Walker, so we should say goodbye to this overdone franchise. It’s only right, for Walker’s sake. And when you get the guys from the Scary Movie parody movies to parody your own original film that should be a sign.

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  1. Vapid. Pathetic. Beyond believability. Lame acting. Plus no one in this country needs to be encouraged to drive like a moron.

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