Fast turnaround for musicians

By: Ian Gilley, Contributing Writer 

Prior to his graduation this December, senior EMF major Ben Hancock has already opened a recording studio called The Studio Downstairs from his home in Forest Hill, Maryland.

Hancock has been working in music for five years and specializes in a fast turnaround, which means the artist will get their songs almost instantly.

“My goal is to give the artist a basic recording to take with them on the same day they record with me,” Hancock said.

Hancock takes between two to four weeks to refine the recordings, compared to some other studios that take up to six months to produce a finished copy.

“When an artist records with The Studio Downstairs, they will never have to wait longer than two months for their finished product,” Hancock said.

Hancock attributes his quick turnaround time to the programs he uses and his expert editing practices.

Aside from being an engineer, Hancock is also a music writer. This gives him the ability to help the artist write anything they need.

“The Studio Downstairs also boasts a laid back environment,” Hancock said. “So the artist will feel free to include anything they would want in their songs.”

Hancock takes the artist’s idea, records it, shines it up and sends the artist away with a finished product. He describes himself as the ‘Jiffy Lube of recording songs,’ except he will not try to sell the artist bonus features they do not need. He will just include them in every master.

“I use Pro-Tools to record with,” Hancock said. “And my favorite recording tool is the Soundtoys Plug-ins package. This gives me a litany of options to make the recordings sound different and professional.”

Through training in classes on campus, Hancock has refined his technical skills to express his love of music.

“I have always liked music, and always had a diverse CD collection,” Hancock said. “I learned how to make beats with a friend and fell in love with making music.”

The Studio Downstairs has recorded many genres ranging from reggae to metal, but they specialize in recording alternative rock, pop and hip-hop.

Right now, Hancock is working on a short film called “Danny, Danny” where he is in charge of making the soundtrack and dialogue. He is also about to start a new dark comedy horror film project called “The Backpage.”

“I am available for audio post-production for film, and it is one of my favorite things to do,” Hancock said.

For more information on The Studio Downstairs, email [email protected].

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