Field Hockey: Tigers Held Scoreless

By: Geoffrey Parker, Contributing Writer

The Tigers took two tough losses this weekend as they traveled to take on conference rival Delaware on Friday and Maryland on Sunday.

The Sunday matchup with Maryland (14-3) had its positive moments with some defensive work. The Tigers (2-13, 0-4 CAA) recorded a team high 26 saves in the 6-0 loss at Maryland.

Maryland came out shooting early as Lein Holsboer scored in the fourth minute. In the 14th minute, the Terps put another goal on the board when Sarah Sprink added to the lead.

Floor Paanakker scored on a hard shot from just inside the circle in the 25th minute, which was quickly followed by a goal from Welma Luus two minutes later, giving the Terps a 4-0 advantage headed into half time.

The Tigers were outshot again at half. They were behind 20-2 in shots and 7-0 in penalty opportunities. The No. 6 Terps received praise from Campana after the game.

Goalkeeper, Emilee Woodall, recorded nine first half saves before being replaced by Megan Boyle again, to get “playing experience to both keepers,” according to Campana.

Shari Jones recorded both second half goals for the Terps to give them a 6-0 win. Maryland had a 47-3 shot advantage and a 17-1 advantage in penalty opportunities.

“We had a great game against a highly ranked team,” Campana said. “We did everything we were supposed to do and I am so proud of our performance.”

The match up with Delaware (12-4, 3-1 CAA) on Friday got off to a rough start, as Delaware’s Taylor Lister scored a goal in the ninth minute of the game. The Blue Hens put another goal on the board about three minutes later when Esmee Peet converted a penalty opportunity.

In the 19th and 22nd minute, Delaware’s Greta Nauck added two more goals on penalty opportunities. The Blue Hens added another goal in the 26th minute with Zarkoski getting the ball past sophomore Emilee Woodall.

Woodall finished with 12 saves in the first half before being replaced by Junior Megan Boyle.

The Tigers were outshot 25-0 and were behind 12-0 in penalty opportunities.

Towson’s Head Coach Carly Campana said of the shot and penalty difference that they aren’t “sending someone to ball early enough” which can cause “a scramble defensively,” leading to defensive lapses.

The second half started off with an early goal from Delaware’s Meghan Winesett in the 38th minute. Delaware’s Lister added her second goal of the game in the 50th minute.

Nauck tallied her third goal five minutes later, and was quickly followed up by Krissy Mikelson’s her first of the game to give Delaware a 9-0 lead that they would end the game with.

The Tigers ended the game behind in shots 38-0 and penalty opportunities 17-0. Boyle also made 6 saves in the second half.

Campana praised her performance after the game saying Boyle was “absolutely amazing.”

Looking ahead, the Tigers will return home to host CAA rival Northeastern on Oct. 30 at 6 p.m. The game will also be Senior Day as it is the final home game of the season.

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