Fight transphobia and be an ally

By: Samuel Smith, Columnist

This article discusses transphobia, bullying, and violence.

Approximately 1.4 million folks living in the USA identify as transgender. That’s a big number, and it’s only growing larger as acceptance grows. However, violence still looms for trans folks. Trans people are at a higher risk of homicide than cisgender/heterosexual people. Trans people are also bullied more, with 75 percent of trans kids reportedly feeling unsafe at schools. Kids, little kids, feel unsafe at school because of how they identify, something they can’t help. And people are literally getting hurt and killed just for being transgender.

Transgender Day of Remembrance occurred Nov. 20, and I highly encourage you to take a look at the statistics. Attend a vigil, workshop, or other events. Remember those who were lost to suicide and to homicide due to transphobia.

I wanted to keep this short. There’s not much that can be really said. Every year, I look at the list of the names of those lost to homicide. I can’t help but feel like the numbers are increasing as transphobia becomes more violent. Please don’t forget trans lives when you think about violence toward LGBTQ people.


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