Fit University club grows at TU

By: Lurene Heyl, Contributing Writer

Photo Courtesy of  Mielli Levian

With warmer and sunnier weather on the way, students like those who are part of Towson University’s chapter of Fit University are exercising their way to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Fit University was founded at Northeastern University and has since expanded its fitness community to universities nationwide, including Towson’s own campus.

The Fit University club at Towson was officially founded in March of 2017 by students Mielli Levian, Marie Lucas, Derek Halford, Courtney Steele, Christina Foundas and Hannah Wills.

Levian, the club’s head of marketing, said Fit University Towson is a supportive environment where students motivate one another to reach their fitness goals.

“We started Fit University Towson because we wanted to create a community on Towson’s campus where students can share their passion for health and fitness in a positive way,” Levian said.

Although Fit University Towson only started last spring, Levian said students have been joining the club since its inception and the club has been growing ever since.

”We had people joining left and right,” Levian said.

Over 100 people are part of Fit University Towson.

The organization does not have your typical meetings. Instead, the club holds biweekly group workouts and a bigger event each month.

“We are a very unique organization,” Levian said. “We do not have group meetings. We meet up three times a month and do some kind of healthy activity or workout such as yoga, rock climbing, or a picnic.”

Levian said everyone is welcome to join the club, no matter their fitness level.

“Anyone can join,” she said. “You don’t have to be ‘super fit’ or an athlete in order to join. We want all students to feel like they can walk into a gym or do a sport and not be intimidated. We want to teach students about the benefits of nutrition, exercise and have them be comfortable and happy with their body.”

Levian and her team members want to continue inspiring students to be confident in their fitness journey and spread motivation to students all around.

“I hope we can inspire students to not have gymtimidation,” she said. “I hate hearing people say they are afraid to go to the gym or try something new. I hope we can make a difference on campus and grow and continue to be a place where students can go for any kind of advice. I hope we can teach students how to be healthy in all aspects of life.”


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