Five feminist flicks to watch this summer

By: Megan Graves, Columnist

Finals are coming, and the weather is getting warmer. Its almost time for another summer. If youre like me, summer is nothing but exciting. At least, at first. Theres the beach, the pool and your social life makes a comeback. All kinds of great stuff tends to happen.

But then, sooner than youd like to admit, you start to turn back to your old friend, Netflix. If this is how you foresee at least part of your summer going, then let me help you out. Here are five fiercely feminist flicks you can find on Netflix this summer.

1.  Ill start with one Im sure a lot of us are waiting for: Season 4 of “Orange is the New Black.” The season will be added to Netflix on Friday, June 17. If you dont know, this show takes place in a womens prison. It follows Piper Chapman, a woman whose past catches up to her in a big way. Along with her, the show gives you the perspective of women from all different races, classes, sexualities and identities. The cast is almost entirely made up of women: Tough, realistic, imperfectly perfect women. Definitely check it out.

2.  Another TV show I like to recommend to just about everyone is “Parks and Recreations.” This show follows Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, as she endeavors to accomplish every goal she sets for herself. This show exemplifies how important it is for women to have confidence and ambition. It also emphasizes the importance of female friendships, and the idea that in order to be a man,you dont have to put women down. Theres also a miniature pony named Lil’ Sebastian. What more could you want?

3.  On a much more serious note, theres a documentary on Netflix, entitled “Dark Girls,” that is incredibly eye-opening and important. It highlights some of the struggles that women of color face, both in their communities and the world, simply because of the color of their skin. It dissects themes of white supremacy as well as internalized racism, demonstrating how these ideas affect the people who are forced to grow up around them. This film offers a voice for those who are too often silenced. If you want to learn more about the way women live and how women feel, then watch this powerful documentary.

4.  Maintaining the seriousness but moving back into the world of fiction, Ellen Page stars in the movie “Tallulah,” coming to Netflix July 29. This film revolves around a frustrated mother, a baby, and a homeless woman. The cast is primarily female and deals with a lot of womens issues. But on top of this, this film is the perfect example of sexism within the film industry. Tallulah took 10 years to make simply because nobody wanted to fund a film about women who arent desperately searching for men, according to Variety. They were told to give up, until Netflix agreed to release the film, offering them $5 million. With a backstory like that, Ive got to check it out. Also, who doesnt love Ellen Page?

5.  For my final recommendation, Im going to give you another TV show. If you havent already, you should watch “How to Get Away With Murder,” starring Viola Davis. Davis’s character is the epitome of a strong woman, and the show is undoubtedly compelling. If youve never watched Viola Davis act, then my recommendation just got even higher. Shes fantastic and, as an intersectional feminist and activist, constantly asks the question were all thinking, “Why arent there more roles created for women of color?” Viola Daviss work is something to be admired and, certainly, watched.

Im happy to say that there are a vast amount of feminist options other than these five for you to watch on Netflix this summer. Whether youre in the mood for a TV show, a movie, or a documentary, Netflix is here to curb your social justice cravings. Good luck during finals, have a great summer, and happy binging.


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