From the Editor’s Desk: Addressing the Black Lives Matter protests

A message to our writers, community members, and TU peers:

As you all probably know, people across the United States have been protesting systematic racism. We have seen students from Towson University joining these protests in Baltimore and Washington D.C. Clearly, our very own community members are concerned, affected and moved by these events.

While as a newspaper organization it is vital we remain impartial in the news we report, our editorial board has found it imperative to speak on this issue to the very people who make up our team- the students.

Our editorial board members are committed to the inclusivity of, and empowerment of all of our student journalists regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and more. We, as individual editors, promise to do our part by actively fostering a space of inclusivity to all of our student journalists. Black lives DO matter.

To all of our fellow student journalists reporting at protests: stay safe, be prepared, know your rights, and learn from these experiences.

– Sophia Bates, Grace Coughlan, Nicholas Gregorio, Meghan Hudson, and Victoria Nicholson.

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