From the Editor’s Desk: I’m feeling 22

By: Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief

The great prophet Taylor Swift once said, “I don’t know about you, but I’m felling 22.”

I don’t know about you Taylor, but certainly am feeling 22. I only have seven more Towerlight editions left, and about three months left of my collegiate career before I have to start using words such as “insurance,” “interest rate,” and “job.” Just kidding, I already have four jobs. It’s a fun time.

But as I was stuffing my face with guacamole this weekend and trying to forget my adult problems, I realized it’d be a good exercise to rank all the reasons (from least to most adult) I’m truly feeling 22. Boy, do I miss sophomore year.

1. I actually updated my LinkedIn account

Every time I hear someone say “LinkedIn” I automatically picture a 5-foot-8 guy in a black blazer with a white button-down shirt and a cell phone holster.

Yet there I was, Friday night at 11 p.m., actually “connecting” with people and updating my profile to include my most recent clips and writing positions.

Next thing you know I’ll be asking people to call me Jonathan instead of Jon and I’ll be shaking my Dad’s hand instead of hugging him when I go home. Gross.

2. I got frustrated one day, so I took a walk

What is this? Who does this? I was in a bad mood so I just decided to go for a walk. That just sound very 40-ish to me.

Next thing you know I’ll be married and at night I’ll be going out for 45-minute walks and when someone calls the house my wife will answer and say, “Oh, Jonathan’s just out on one of his walks. You know how he loves his walks.”

3. I reached out to old friends to try to make job connections

The Towerlight family rolls deep in the local media, so it certainly never hurts to make good connections or to network.

But I felt 22, nigh, almost 24, when I reached out to Brandi Bottallico about a position at the paper she writes for and asked her to “put in a good word for me.”

This isn’t Hollywood, I’m not trying to impress an agent or something. This was basically just a real-life LinkedIn connection.

4. I took two shots and just got tired

Sunday night, when Towson was covered in a thick layer of ice, I reverted back to my 20-year-old self and wanted to have a “Woooooo snow day!” moment. I went over to my friend’s apartment and had a beer and two shots, and almost 30 minutes later, I was ready for bed.

“Woooooo, in bed before midnight!”

5. My debit card information was stolen last week

You haven’t experienced true panic until you check your bank account and see that $150 has gone completely missing, apparently all spent at College Park.

I had to spend 30 minutes on the phone with PNC to cancel my debit card, then had to go to a PNC branch to shred the card, sign up for a PNC credit card and withdraw the little money that was actually left in my account.

There’s nothing more sobering than staring down at $70, knowing you have to survive for the next three days on that and that alone.

6. I no longer have a working car

Milton the green Ford Focus had a great run. He really did. He drove me to dates, home from breakups, to prom, to high school graduation, to college, to funerals and to weddings (poetic, right?).

But alas, he took a deathblow Thursday and isn’t able to recover. Now, I’m left without a car until Spring Break, most likely, and that means taking the shuttle or begging my friends/roommate/significant other for rides all the time.

It’s truly an awful feeling to have to rely on someone else just to make it to the grocery store.

And now there’s the issue of taking out a loan and have to talk about monthly car payments, down payments, miles per gallon, safety.

I miss my old, crappy car that I always said I’d drive into the ground until it stopped working, which eventually happened. I wish it could have just waited another three months.

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