Grad students get reading: new labs, stations open in Cook Library

By: Alex Ziolkowski, Contributing Writer

Cook Library debuted multiple new student resources this semester, including a Geographical Information Systems lab, Accessibility Station and Graduate Student Room.

The space for graduate students includes four separate desks, two large tables in the middle of the room and approximately 10 computers on another wall. On the far right corner near a row of large windows are two sofas, two arm chairs and a coffee table.

The space also includes areas designated for practicing group presentations complete with tables, several chairs and a computer.

A monitor will be installed on the wall soon. Mobile white boards are scattered throughout the room.

The GIS lab, Accessibility Station and GSR were completed in two months during the summer. The transition was a collaborative effort between Deborah Nolan, dean of university libraries, and Kelly Rogan, Co-President of the Graduate Student Association.

Rogan, a clinical psychology major, is the voice of  just under 3,000 graduate students. Rogan worked closely with Nolan to accommodate the graduate students needs and desires.

“There aren’t many places for graduate students,” Rogan said. “We just want a cooler, more serious place to conduct work.”

Nolan allowed the GSA to look at the space and requested input from graduate students.

“Dr. Nolan was very forthcoming, and the library was gracious to provide furniture,” Rogan said.

Kevin Herold, a biology major, heard of the graduate student resources in Cook Library  at a GSA meeting.

Herold said that he appreciates that there is a separate section of the library devoted to graduate students and would encourage other graduate students to use it too.

“When the semester revs up and there isn’t enough space, it’s nice having space set aside for us,” Herold said.

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