“Grown-ish” gives collegiate style a 2018 update

By: Kai Johnson, Contributing Writer
Featured image courtesy of fashionista.com

Yara Shahidi’s character, Zoey Johnson, on “Black-ish” was arguably the most fashion-forward character out of the Johnson family. Her internship with Teen Vogue showed us just how serious she is with the fashion industry. On her spin-off, “Grown-ish,” Zoey goes off to college and ups her style game even more, taking a fashion design class to put her style ideas to paper.

With each episode, Zoey and her group of friends give us a variety of trendy outfits and styles to love. The diverse look of each character matches and expresses their distinct personalities. The outfits range from casual looks made up of T-shirts and jeans, to more thought-out ensembles ranging from dresses to track jackets and joggers. Zoey shows us the variability of outfits that college students wear to class and around campus, each one well-reflective of her current mood. For example, in a scene when she was upset, she was in lounge pants and a neutrally colored T-shirt. While her outfit was still cute and trendy, it gave off a different vibe than her usual vibrant looks.

Throughout the series, Zoey shows us how college students tailor their outfits to match the occasions and events that are happening around the world or on campus. When Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” album came out, she had a whole outfit dedicated to the video. Like most college students, she also wore her school colors when watching the basketball game. Even in the crowd of people, we also see various ways in which the school colors were displayed ranging from school sweatshirts and t-shirts to simply wearing a green shirt with yellow accessories.

College is a time to find, refine, and create your individual style. Some casual advice we can take from Zoey is to be bold in the outfits we pick. We should let our outfits make a statement about us or for us. Your clothes can tell a story about you, and introduce you before you even say a word.

Zoey has a unique image to match her one of a kind personality. She always wears unique, perhaps straight off the runway items that always catch viewers’ attention. The looks can inspire us to go for a look we have always wanted to try or add a bold accessory to an ordinary outfit. “Grown-ish” and its fashionable characters can inspire the upcoming college generations to go for a daring look no matter what the occasion is.

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