Halloween is for costumes, not shaming

By: Megan Graves, Columnist

Hey, Towson, it’s Halloweek!

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, which is totally awesome. I don’t know about you guys, but I love Halloween parties.

I enjoy picking a costume, putting it together and showing it off, along with seeing what everyone else comes up with. It’s just plain fun.

This week’s article is just a friendly reminder that anyone can wear any costume they want, so long as it isn’t offensive, i.e. no black face or costumes that appropriate or mock other races or cultures. At all. Under any circumstance. Seriously. Do not wear blackface.

By any costume, I mean that anyone can show as much or as little skin as they want this holiday.

If you want to be a sexy nurse and wear that Victoria’s Secret bombshell bra that ups your boob size by two, or if you want to be a sexy, shirtless Magic Mike, by all means, go for it.

And if you want to keep it funny or genuinely scary without showing any skin, go for it.

My personal favorite is a mix of sexy and funny or scary. For example, a few days ago I saw an ad for a “sexy potato” costume.

It was literally a huge, lumpy potato suit that exposed a lot of leg with thigh-high fishnets.

I considered choosing this for my costume, but you’re supposed to dress up as something you’re not for Halloween, so.

If you want to show off your sexy body, man or woman, big or small, you’re so totally allowed to do that.

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

So long as you don’t shame or make fun of someone else for doing something opposite from you, or looking different than you, you can do whatever you want.

Just have fun and be creative!

Don’t be that guy who shows up to a costume party without wearing a costume. You’re not a werewolf on a night when there isn’t a full moon, you’re just kind of lame.

Wear whatever you feel good in, and understand that other people may feel good in something completely different.

Be comfortable, be safe and have a spooky time. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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