Hampden-based ice cream shop The Charmery to open in Towson

By: Sophia Bates, Staff Writer

Photo by Brendan Felch/ The Towerlight

The Charmery, an ice-cream shop which originated in Hampden, is opening a location this summer on York Road in Towson.

Master creamer David Alima co-owns the store with his wife, Laura, and they are awaiting the opening of their Towson location.

“After our first summer, people have approached us about opening a second location, and I would always go and look,” Alima said. “But nothing struck. Once we partnered in the Union Collective space, we decided to really look. One of the spaces was this space [in Towson,] and we just completely fell in love with it.”

Alima said the York Road location is a perfect fit for the Towson community and will help to fulfill the vision of the store.

“There is going to be more seating, and there will be a really great outdoor vibe to it,” Alima said. “This will be a very special place.”

Freshman Eileen Rich said she would be in favor of an ice cream shop in the area.

“A local ice cream shop sounds like something my friends and I would love to support,” Rich said.

Senior Ellie Hambrecht agreed, saying the new Charmery location will satiate Towson’s sweet tooth and serve as a much-needed addition to the area.

“I was recently thinking that I had not had ice cream in the longest time, and I think that is because we do not have many places locally that serve it,” Hambrecht said. “Everyone loves ice cream and the opportunity to pick their own flavors and toppings. I think that this will be a great and popular asset to our Towson community.”

Freshman Grace Welsh, who hasn’t tried the Charmery’s Hampden location, expressed his openness to a new addition in Towson.

“I’ve never been to the original Chamery, but Towson needs ice cream so I am glad that they’ll open a location close by,” Welsh said.

According to Alima, the shop has also been given the opportunity to be a part of the “Union Collective” which is a complex launched by Union Craft Brewing that hosts various tenants to sell local goods near Hampden.

The Charmery will move its production facility to the Collective. By opening the new production facility, Alima said that encouraged them to look for an opportunity for another storefront.

According to Alima, his family couldn’t be more excited to open in Towson.

“Ice cream is the great unifier,” he said. “That’s why my wife and I love it so much, we really feel like we get to make people happy. That’s really an honor to us, that we can make people happy and bring community together.”


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