Have a “Hubie Halloween”

By: Ashton Fischer, Columnist 

Views expressed in opinion columns are the author’s own.

As Halloween approaches, the festivities of October transform everything around us. Pumpkin flavored foods, Halloween themed candy, and scary decorations have once again integrated into our daily lives as we seek normalcy in the midst of a pandemic. So, of course, when it comes to movies, we’ll reach for our childhood favorites like “Halloweentown” or a classic horror movie we’ve watched a thousand times. A brand new movie might be just what you need this season, and Netflix has got you covered with “Hubie Halloween.”

“Hubie Halloween,” starring none other than Adam Sandler, was released Oct. 7. This cameo filled film includes Disney Channel and “Grown Ups” stars. Even his wife and two daughters had their own roles. 

The bad boy, Deli Mike Mundi, was originally cast to Cameron Boyce, who tragically died just days before the movie started filming. Instead, Boyce’s best friend and fellow “Jessie” star, Karan Brar, took over the role. A lot of the actors in this film either grew up with Boyce or watched him grow up, so the opening tribute to him felt extra sentimental. 

“Hubie Halloween” is set in Salem, Massachusetts, and follows Hubie Dubois on his biggest night of the year, Halloween. As a self-proclaimed “official volunteer Halloween helper,” equipped with his thermos containing soup and various tools, he is on a mission to make sure Halloween is safe for everyone. 

Right from the beginning, it’s very clear that just about everyone in town hates him. After Mundi goes missing, Hubie enlists the police to join his mission to find Mindu. The ending shocked me, as I did not expect it and it was hilarious.

“Hubie Halloween” is a lighthearted, easy to follow comedy that I believe almost anyone would enjoy. It holds its storyline as well as some solid themes, so it isn’t just some comical Halloween mystery movie.

I wouldn’t say this movie was life-changing or extraordinary in any way, but it was nice to sit down, relax, and have a laugh with some familiar faces to get me in the Halloween spirit. I would recommend this movie to anyone who might be feeling down or stressed out and needs a good laugh in their free time. 


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