Heaven-sent runway show

By: Taylor DeVille, Contributing Writer

Towson’s TREND Models lit up the runway in Victoria’s Secret lingerie, PINK loungewear and unique pieces by Towson University designers April 30 for a show titled, “The Angels Are Coming.”

Formerly known as Je Suis La Mode (French for “I am fashion”), or JCM, you may have seen the models on the runway last year during their Barbie fashion show. “The Angels Are Coming” marked the group’s third show since transitioning to Trend Models in spring 2015.

The show featured pieces from designers Kinetic Styles, HoodLvm, DajonJ, Original Crackage and Benjoedy.

“We just wanted to put on this graceful but entertaining show,” TREND Models Secretary Bria Scott said. “We want to reach out to different groups of people.”

Creative directors Kia Rogers and Phrane Ashcraft combined scenes with a variety of dance routines, including a tribute to Prince lip-synced by Paige De Souza, and a cover of Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams” by freshman Taylor Crider.

“We help the females and males on our campus bring out confidence and try new things and break out of their comfort zone,” Scott said. “We aspire to make them bring out different, unique parts of their personality.”

The scene “Perfect Formation” featured models in glittery bodysuits strutting to the beat of Beyoncé’s “Formation” as Towson’s Rhythm Step Team danced in the audience.

Combined with the Angels’ daring outfits and routines from Soul Dance Team and Towson’s All-Star Cheer Club, the vibrant lighting and fun props added to the show’s energy.

Models in bathing suits blew bubbles at the crowd and playfully showed off super soakers while kids in the audience bounced around the blacklight-reactive balloons.

Throughout the show, emcees senior David Abraham and junior Tamara Benbow from the campus-based YouTube channel, “The Lunch Table,” celebrated the models’ hard work of combining entertainment and fashion.

At the end of the show, TREND Models President Arymis Nelson and Vice President Tatiana Johnson awarded trophies to the models. Awards included “Most Improved” and “Outstanding Performances.” As they’ve done in past shows, Trend Models awarded crowns to Miss and Mr. TREND 2016—freshmen Danielle Poullard and Tyner Jackson, and sophomore Zackery Parrish.

“I love TREND. We’re a great team,” Poullard said. “My favorite dance was the last one, ‘Nasty Girl’, because I got to be in the front.”

The “Angels” show took months of planning and rehearsing, and the group has nothing else planned for this semester.

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