Here’s to the brands that are diverse

By: Meghan Hudson, Arts & Life Editor
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Summer is just around the corner. The time has come for those backyard BBQs, fireworks, festivals, campfires, and long weekends out with friends. You’re going to want to treat yourself, dress up and go out.

There is one problem though – how do you doll up, and do your makeup, when your shade doesn’t exist on the market?

Shade range has been a major issue within the beauty industry for some time now. Finally, brands have made major steps towards offering products to people of all skin tones. But certainly, there is much more distance to overcome.

While brands such as Fenty Beauty have set the bar high as far as shade range is concerned, every year, we still see foundation and concealer launches with shade ranges that still lie below 10 shades. Not to mention that over half of these shades are often for fair toned individuals only.

For example, drugstore brand Covergirl’s “Clean Matte Concealer,” only has 6 shades. To make matters worse, the darkest shade is about as dark as my caramel macchiatos come. That’s bad. Even many “designer” makeup brands have refused to diversify their shade ranges. When Tarte initially released their iconic “Shape Tape” concealer, the brand faced major backlash from reviewers, as this 15-shade concealer presented 13 tones for fair skin tones, one for tan skin tones, and one for darker skin tones.

Today we are here to praise the brands that took the time to show that they understand darker skin complexions deserve to be included.

We’re all looking snatched this summer, thanks to:

    1. PÜR 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie™ Longwear Foundation & Concealer: Offered in an outstanding 100 shades, this foundation and concealer in one product is by far the most inclusive range I am yet to see. Having a foundation range this vast is impressive, let alone the attention to detail they showcased within their varying undertone options.
    2. Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation, and Pro Filt’r Concealer: Created by Rihanna, is two products, both offered in 50 ranges. While its shades don’t offer as many undertone varieties as PÜR, the range itself does offer a shade that is deeper than even PÜR’s product. The fact that she also offers her foundation and concealer separate from one other may also be seen as a plus for some makeup wearers.
    3. Makeup for Melanin Girls: This brand is especially important, as it was founded by Tomi Gbeleyi, a 27-year old model and beauty vlogger. Her own experiences as a dark-skinned model have shaped the foundation for which her beauty empire lays. While her lines currently only include eyeshadows, lipstick and highlighter products, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her drop her own foundation and/or concealer line soon. Still, her current products are worth checking out.
    4. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation: Makeup Forever immediately joined a more inclusive agenda in 2015 right when Fenty Beauty dropped their own, revolutionary, 40 shade range. Releasing their own 40 shade range foundation, they have proven their dedication to realigning their company by diversifying their products, an effort that should be mirrored by many other companies whom have not.
    5. BLK OPL Beauty True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation: While this foundation range only offers 12 shades, its shades are geared towards medium to deep complexions. This brand itself is especially empowering as its inspiration stems from the beauty and nuances of black skin. It is the first technologically advanced skincare line for women of color.




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