Homecoming Committee announces ‘Game On’ theme

By Anthony Petro, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Towson Homecoming Comittee

The nearly 35 student members of Towson’s Homecoming Committee gathered and deliberated for over three weeks and decided on 2018’s homecoming theme: “Game On.”

“Deciding on a theme is always the most fun yet one of the most difficult decisions we have to make as a committee,” Homecoming Chair Makensey Schuchart said. “The entire weeks structure stems from the theme, so we take our time to carefully decide which themes have potential to be amazing and which themes do not.”

The Homecoming Committee brainstorms ideas and slowly narrows them down to their final three picks. Schuchart, a senior double majoring in healthcare management and business administration, said the process was slow, but in the end, she thinks the right theme was chosen.

“It doesn’t seem like the process should take as long as it does, but it is a huge decision and we do not take it lightly,” Schuchart said. “We want to explore all theme options and choose the one that we think the Towson community will love the most.”

Schuchart wasn’t all-in on the “Game On” theme until the committee started coming up with ideas for each day’s festivities.

“I won’t lie, when the theme was first brought up in the early stages, I was hesitant about it because I didn’t see the potential for it to transfer to a week-long of events,” Schuchart said. “One day we had a breakthrough, and ideas just came flowing out, and my hesitation vanished.”

This year’s “Game On” theme is centered around all types of games including board games, card games and game shows among others. Schuchart said this year’s events will focus on the sense of community that people feel when playing these games.

Senior Tiffany Barrett said the theme creates a sense of community.

“‘Game On’ is an exciting theme that can bring students from different social groups together to show off their competitiveness and have a great time,” Barrett said.

Schuchart gave a preview to what the events during homecoming week might have in store.

“Just like past years, we have a super fun week of events planned,” Schuchart said. “You can expect to see traditional, crowd favorite events like the talent show, petting zoo, homecoming court pageant, as well as the beloved block party.”

Schuchart said the Homecoming Committee has exciting ways to tie the “Game On” theme into these traditional events. New events throughout the week, such as a live game show like “Survey Says” can be expected too.

“I’m excited to see what events there are because it gives something to look forward to in the middle of the semester, especially going to the homecoming game,” said junior Gabi Castillo.

Last year’s theme was “Back to the 90s,” the 2016 theme was “TU Road Trip,” while the 2015 theme centered around Towson’s 150th anniversary.

“We intentionally try to make each year’s theme different from previous years and try to bring something new to the table that we think students will enjoy and remember forever,” Schuchart said. “We want everyone to feel a connection to the theme in some way and changing the theme each year allows us to better accomplish that goal.”

Homecoming week is Oct. 27 to Nov. 2, and Schuchart says, “You won’t be disappointed in the week we have planned, so get your game faces on because it’s going to be jam packed with competition and fun.”


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