How to conquer finals week stress

By: Victoria Nicholson, Art Director

This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of finals week stress sanctioned by Towson University… let the anxiety begin. 

This is in fact the week each student has dreaded since syllabuses were posted. Yes, it has already arrived. Here are a few tips and tricks to aid you through the longest week of the semester:

  1. Yoga: An important part of maintaining your cool throughout this stressful week is to breathe. Yoga allows you to enjoy a calm workout that makes you focus on how your breathing flows throughout each stretch. Stretching out your muscles gives you a great opportunity to get out of your chair and loosen up a bit. At the end of your session remember to take a few moments to thank yourself for the effort you are putting into your classes and relax. Students can sign up for a free class on-campus through Towson’s Campus Rec Portal online.  
  2. Adult Coloring Books: As a kid I would have a ton of coloring books, which looking back, makes sense as to why I am studying art now in my twenties. I remember feeling so calm, moving slowly, trying to stay in between the lines. As you are preparing your bookbag for the library, throw in a coloring book and colored pencils for times when you just need a break. 
  3. Time Management: I’m not usually the person to carry around a planner, but I really should be. Having a planner gives you a day-to-day layout, which helps you plan out your responsibilities for the week and month. Before you start studying, plan out how much time you will spend on each course. Managing the time you spend on each course allows you to focus on one subject at a time and rotate out the amount of work you have to do. 
  4. Sleep: Sleep is the one thing each college student lacks, but that is the most essential to their success. Ways to better your sleeping schedule is to get tucked in at a good time, use lavender oil in your nightly routine, and take a hot shower before getting into bed. Sleep is said to make your memory stronger, helps in decision making, and overall, puts you in a better mood. 
  5. Self Care: Baby how you feeling? Good as hell! Lizzo boosts my spirits when it comes to healthy self-care. Self-care is more than just face masks and lighting some candles, self care can also just be motivating yourself and staying positive. During finals students can doubt themselves and tear down their self-esteem. Rather than speaking negative things about yourself, speak words into action! In the words of DJ Khaled, “you smart.” 

 Remember you are not alone this week as you prep for your finals. As much as you want to procrastinate, take the extra resources you are given and get stuff done! I am personally sending out some positive vibes to all of the students this week. Good luck!

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