How to slay (and not break the bank) this Halloween

By: Kerry Ingram, Columnist

Next Monday is the best day of October (and the day where you can finally dress up as your favorite childhood comic superhero and not get judged). While we college students will surely be spending the holiday cramming test material into our brains instead of candy into our mouths, we have this weekend to celebrate early!

Whether you’re going to a frightful bash, kicking it back for some scary-flicks-and-chills with your squad, or still lowkey continuing your tradition of trick-or-treating — (the best of us still try to get away with this as young adults) — I’ve come up with some easy, cheap, and trendy Halloween costume ideas for you to try this year.

IF YOU WANT TO SLAY: Be Beyoncé this Halloween! All you have to do to channel this queen is pick a body-hugging, stage-worthy outfit, strut fiercely and master the art of hair-ography (*Disclaimer: TRENDY TIGER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY NECK CRAMPS, KINKS, OR DISCOMFORT CAUSED BY THIS TASK. PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION).

The easiest Beyoncé costume? Channel her ***FLAWLESS video look by rocking a red flannel tucked into distressed denim shorts, black ankle boots and a faux bob.

Bonus points if you can sing and dance like the queen. More candy for you.

IF YOU WANT A BFF-WORTHY COSTUME IDEA: Be the #twinning emoji! All you and your BFF need are plain black dresses, black flats and any matching black hair accessories. Just master the pose, and you’re all set!

IF YOU WANT TO BE COMICAL: Be Joanne the Scammer! This costume only consists of a plain black outfit, a gold necklace, a faux fur coat and a faux bob/wig. You will get tons of laughs, especially if you can master a perfect Joanne impersonation and smug smile.

If you have a beard, this costume should automatically be your go-to. If you don’t have a beard, make one. Joanne wouldn’t have it any other way.

IF YOU DON’T WANT TO DRESS UP BUT STILL WANT TO BE FESTIVE: Be a Snapchat filter! All this requires is some makeup or facepaint and a little patience. Now you can throw up rainbows in real life too.

WHAT YOU SHOULDN’T BE THIS YEAR: A clown. Avoid this unless you want to get attacked or reported.

Have a happy Halloween, Tigers!

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