How to take the perfect selfie

By: Raquel Alfaro, Columnist

Selfies are amongst the many postings on social media platforms, but it could take time choosing how to pose for an aesthetically pleasing photo.

Lighting is key

Find the perfect light to enhance your features and eyes.  You can accomplish this by raising your phone, but slightly spinning until you find the best light.  Stand by a window to gain natural lighting or if it’s dark, turn on any form of lighting. Being outside can be helpful for selfies, especially when absorbing the sun’s glow. I suggest when you’re indoors to use natural lighting from a window and slowly move you phone to quickly capture a high-quality selfie.

Look upward toward the camera

Make eye contact toward the camera and slightly raise your eyebrows. This will help make your eyes appear larger than usual. Add some personality to your photo by thinking of something that brings out your smile. This will help you project your happiness onto the photo for followers to like.

Know the best angles

Angles will help to make your face stand out in the best way.  Hold your phone upwards and extend your head away from your neck. Don’t hold the camera directly in front of your face because it will create harsh shadows. When you extend your head, this will help create a look of a longer neck and sharper jawline.

You can also push your shoulders down to appear relaxed.

Don’t Doubt Yourself

Embrace yourself and don’t overthink the selfie. Just relax and don’t take yourself too seriously because selfies are meant to be fun. Picture this; you just put on a full face of makeup and you’re feeling good. Try taking pictures smiling or use poses that come naturally to you because it is your selfie so own it. Don’t feel like showing teeth? Use the “smize.” Look upward to the camera and, with your mouth closed, give a slight smile this will give you a sassy, chic, selfie.

Be Aware of the Background

The setting sets the tone for your selfie, but I suggest using a blank wall or any interesting backgrounds. If you’re somewhere new or traveling, snap a picture showing you living your best life. I suggest staying away from photobombers in the background because that will take away the attention from you to them.

Selfies are a way to express yourself and share yourself with the world. These few tips will help you capture your best selfie yet.

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