I have no idea how I survived last week

Charlotte Smith, Columnist

Once upon a time, someone thought it would be a good idea for midterms and Homecoming to fall during the same week. Suffering ensued.

I personally have no idea how I survived Homecoming Week. I had three papers due on Friday with Homecoming events and Dance the Madness practice every single day after classes. In fact, I had to leave most events early to make it to other events. This left no time for doing homework and studying, so I was forced to study during the time that I desperately needed for sleeping.

In short: this was the most absurdly busy week of my life.

Although the week was incredibly exhausting and mentally taxing, all of the hard work was definitely worth it in the end. All of the Homecoming events were amazing. We all had fun decorating our Homecoming banner and window, and we got to see some really great acts during the talent show. It was especially fun seeing the Homecoming Court onstage and cheering extra loud for my sorority sister who was nominated for Homecoming Queen.

My personal favorite part of the week was Dance the Madness, though. It was so fun to see everyone’s dances and how other organizations interpreted the Road Trip theme.  Performing for everyone was also fun, and it finally made it feel like all of our hard work had paid off.  

That said, please, for the love of God, Towson, never schedule midterms and Homecoming for the same week again.


A sleep-deprived sorority girl

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