‘It’s such a historic thing to happen’: Towson students react to Moore’s victory

By: Julia Berkeley, Contributing Writer

In the wake of Democrat Wes Moore’s historic win in Tuesday night’s governor’s race against Republican Dan Cox, some Towson University students say they’re excited for what Maryland’s first Black governor has to offer.

Moore and running mate Aruna Miller raked in nearly 60% of the votes and will begin their term in January 2023. Miller, a former state delegate from Montgomery County, will be Maryland’s first Indian-American lieutenant governor, The Times of India reports. 

“Thank you, Maryland,” Moore’s campaign tweeted late Tuesday. “What an amazing night, and what an improbable journey. I am grateful to every one of you for the hard work you put in to make tonight happen.”

Senior Lucy Watkins called Moore’s win “historic.” 

 “It’s such a historic thing to happen for the state of Maryland to have our first Black governor, and it’s even better that he’s from the same area as I am,” Watkins said. “It helps knowing someone from my area is in a position of power to help the state grow positively.”

Junior Zachary Moore said Wes Moore was a strong candidate and the best option. 

“I think he will be a good replacement for Larry Hogan, who it seemed like everyone loved,” Moore said. 

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After eight years under the leadership of Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, some Towson students say they’re ready for a leadership change. While Hogan is a Republican in a Democratic stronghold, he had a 65% approval rating as of March 2022, Maryland Matters reported. 

“Things look brighter now for Maryland post-hogan era,” Sophomore Bryce Lewis said.

Similarly, Junior Michaela Farias said she’s excited about what Moore’s win means for Maryland’s future. 

 “I think it’s time for new ideas and new people to be in power, and I am looking forward to seeing what changes he will make in the future,” Farias said.  

Cox conceded to Moore on Wednesday and said he was surprised by the loss. 

“While we always felt it might be a close race, the outcome was a complete surprise,” Cox said in a statement. “Our internal data demonstrated a massive shift of swing voters our way and a huge turnout of Republicans — neither of which is reported to have occurred.”

Junior Sam Forsht said he was not surprised that Moore beat Cox, considering his popularity with college-aged students and other Democratic strongholds within the state. 

“I am interested to see what legislation he will roll out in the beginning of his term given his stance on issues such as education and economy,” Forsht said. “His campaign was backed by a lot of State Senators that I follow, so I am excited to see his next steps.” 

In a campus-wide letter sent Wednesday, President Kim Schatzel praised the student body for its high level of civic engagement this election season. 

“I am so very proud of our community,” Schatzel wrote. “Thank you to those who voted, those who volunteered to work at voting sites and those who supported fellow Tigers during this election. I encourage everyone to continue to stay engaged, continue to work together and continue to have your voices heard.” 

The Towerlight reached out to the Towson University chapters of College Democrats and Republicans for a statement on Moore’s victory. Neither responded by publication time Wednesday.


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