It’s time to get game ready!

by: Meghan Hudson, Arts & Life Editor


This year, with Towson University introducing ROAR-wards, and the football team being picked to finish second in the CAA, there’s really no reason not to show some school spirit, and head on over to a game.

You may have noticed already that Towson University has not been the best in showing school spirit. As the pressure of success begins to set in across all teams, it’s important for us to show up and support our teams who fight so hard to make us all look good. I mean, they’re working out and eating right and stuff… in college. 

In honor of our Fall Sports Preview issue this week, and fall sports starting back up, let’s talk about how to achieve the *perfect* game day look.

  1. SPF – This year, especially since football has many mid-afternoon games this season, you’ll be sitting out in the sun. Even though temperatures will begin to drop off soon, the sun can still cause harm to your skin. It’s important to look for face lotions and foundations that include SPF in them! Nowadays, most products tend to include at least SPF 15. If you look around, you can find products, especially lotions, with more.
  2. Lightweight foundation – Being outside, your skin may get more dry or oily than usual. Wearing a heavy foundation will only lead to more sweating, crease lines, and have you focusing on your melting makeup as opposed to the game. I personally love the L’oreal Paris “Infallible Pro-Glow” foundation. It’s a medium coverage foundation with a hydrating formula that contains SPF 15. While the “Pro-Glow” is best suited for dry skin, L’oreal offers a “Pro-Matte” alternative as well. Plus, it only costs $12.99. I’ve also found it to be really resilient to sweat, as this is my go-to school day and work shift foundation of choice. I’m always left at the end of the day still satisfied with how it looks.
  3. Be Bold – Towson has some seriously bold school colors. With black and yellow screaming from either end of the spectrum, don’t be afraid to let these colors shine through. Maybe throw on some yellow or gold eyeshadow with a bold black lip, or mix it up and do one black smokey eye, and one yellow. You can never truly look too extra at a game. At least while you’re still a student, that is. Juvia’s Place sells eyeshadow palettes with vibrant pigmentation, for an affordable price. They also have a fairly young line of lipsticks worth checking out as well!
  4. Hit the Ustore! – The Ustore sells tons of spirit wear. From team jerseys to Tiger decaled eye black, you’re sure to feel the spirit, when you get in spirit. And between you and me, you can find some really cool Towson University gear on Amazon as well.
  5. Match with your friends – What makes school spirit so special, is when you get to share it with a group of people, and get excited together. Grab some friends, and get them in the spirit as well! You’ll feel more comfortable in decking yourself out, you’ll have a ton of fun getting ready, and hopefully channel all of that energy right back into the game!
  6. Tailgate – Nothing is worse than sitting through a long game without having eaten anything. Channel your inner chef, and tailgate! There are tons of game day tailgating recipes online to try and recreate with a group of friends. Country Living has compiled a list of 55 tailgating recipes to try out. Or, even better, bring your grill to the lot, and cook up a tailgate meal right outside the game! Just make sure your familiar with the school’s tailgating policy. Plus, it’s a ton of fun, and really amps up the energy before heading through those stadium gates.

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