Letter: Is this the legacy you want to leave?

To the Editor:

    I am watching the Towson University-Fairleigh Dickinson basketball game, and it’s too early to say who will win, but Towson is playing hard and never gives up.  This is a gutsy, well-coached team.  It is thrilling to watch them.  Even the games this team has lost, a friend of mine observes, were close, hard-fought games.

So why are the stands at our great, beautiful, and nearly new arena consistently so devoid of students? Is Towson spiritless?

Where are the student groups who receive so much support, financial and otherwise, from the University?

Why doesn’t our otherwise excellent vice president of Student Affairs tell these groups that they are embarrassing the university?

There are only a little over 5000 seats, and there are fewer than 200 students at the game.

Tell me you’re not serious. Where are you, students?  Is this a legacy you want to leave?

-Richard Vatz is a professor at Towson

(Editor’s note — Towson men’s basketball played Fairleigh Dickinson at SECU Arena Dec. 10, but The Towerlight was unable to publish at time of the letter’s original submission. The Tigers bested the Knights 90-87.)

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