Letter to the Editor: Cuff the wrists, cable tie the ankles, let them live

Dear Editor,

Navigating matters like COVID-19 requires the guidance of experts, like trained medical professionals. Navigating other matters doesn’t require any special training or understanding. There is a simple way to ensure that people don’t die like George Floyd from excessive force while in police custody.

As he apparently resisted arrest, four police officers subdued Floyd. Once he was properly restrained by the officers, a simple two-step procedure should have taken place. The first step would have been to cuff his wrists behind his back. The second step would have been to cable tie his ankles together. At that point, Floyd would have been unable to either escape or pose a threat to anyone. At that point there would have been absolutely no need for further physical force by the officers. Had this simple procedure been done, Floyd would be alive today.

Cuff the wrists, cable tie the ankles, let them live. It really is that simple. So, why aren’t The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other major news organizations advocating for this simple way to finally end tragedies like this one that left Floyd’s six-year-old daughter, Gianna, an orphan?

Cuff the wrists, cable tie the ankles, let them live. Protesters around the world should begin chanting this simple slogan, and not stop until it becomes the law. “Cuff the wrists, cable tie the ankles, Let them live” should be of the law of the land for police officers everywhere in the United States and abroad.


George Ortega


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