Letter to the editor: Social media wasted on “the dress”

By: Nick Salacki, Columnist

Being a part of this millennial generation creates astounding surprises when it comes to what becomes “popular” or “trendy” on social media. Apparently, something as preposterous as a dress has the potential to create a cyber stir among all types of social media. I knew fashion could be the center of online discussions when I heard that Lupita Nyongo’s pearl dress was stolen after the Academy Awards, but something as unnecessary as what the true colors of a small designer dress are makes me embarrassed to be a part of this generation.

On Feb. 26, social media users were in a commotion after a Tumblr user posted a photo of a dress and asked everyone what colors they saw. Shortly after, social media created uproar and divided into two groups, Team Blue & Black and Team White & Gold.

That same day, I jokingly declared that this “dress” social media craze was just what our controlling government wants us to do just to test how much they can manipulate what we say and post online. But when it comes down to what eventually becomes trendy among social media, I believe it’s all a matter of chance.

The famed dress that is either blue and black or white and gold is just an example of how disappointed I am in the way people are using social media these days. It’s not like there are real social issues happening out in the world at this moment, so let’s shout the words “blue and black” or “white and gold” at the top of our lungs as we stumble out of Torrent. This will surely help us create better relationships with our international allies and will not make us look even senseless and stupid than we are already perceived to be as Americans.

Let’s just hope to God that the good potential for social media’s usage becomes more apparent as the millennial generation eventually passes down its “trending” abilities to the next young generation.

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