Like him or not, there is a media bias against President Trump

By Sam Jones, Columnist

My name is Sam Jones. I am a junior at Towson University majoring in Business Administration—Legal Studies and minoring in Political Science. I am the president of the Towson College Republicans and I am a supporter of President Donald Trump. I am truly thankful to The Towerlight for giving me the opportunity to address this university on key issues affecting our state and country, from a conservative voice. 

I will call the president out when his rhetoric is harmful, offensive, or not useful. However, I will stand with the president when there is false outrage based on soundbites, an extremely biased media, and political motives. I look forward to spreading the truth about America, the truth about the president, and the truth about republicans on this platform.

The media coverage of Donald Trump’s political career has been far from factual or fair thus far. Seemingly, every time the president speaks, the leftist media finds one clip, usually five to ten seconds long, and uses it against him. 

A classic example came after the 2017 Charolttesville protests, where white supremacists, protesting against the removal of a General Robert E. Lee statue, clashed with antifa counter protesters, leaving one dead and countless injured. Following the events, President Trump stated, “…you had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.” He did not side with anyone, and clearly stated that there were bad people supporting bad ideas at the Charlottesville events.

No sane person would stand with or defend these horrible racist people. However, within seconds of Trump’s remarks, the leftist media claimed that by saying there were “fine people” at the Charlottesville protests, the President was backing the white supremacists. Since Charlottesville, the president has directly condemned white nationalism other times, including after the El Paso shooting, which is believed to be an act of white nationalist terrorism.

While the president is labeled a racist neo-Nazi, there is a lack of condemnation of the leftist organization Antifa. Antifa claims to be an anti-fascist activist organization; however, they heavily enjoy harassing, and sometimes physically attacking anyone that disagrees with their political opinions. 

In June, black-masked protestors mobbed two Oregon men leaving one bleeding heavily from wounds to his face and skull. Both parties were certainly taking part in the violence, however the badly injured individual was ganged up on by several weapon yielding antifa members. A right-wing journalist was also physically attacked.

Antifa has also harassed an outspoken black conservative woman, Candace Owens, since she has come out as a free-thinking conservative, and supporter of the president. They call her names such as ‘race baiter’ and ‘white supremacist’ for speaking out on her conservative beliefs. Last year, Owens was chased out of a crowded restaurant by antifa warriors with chants such as “no more white supremacy.” 

However, antifa is an anti-first amendment, violent political activism group that should be condemned by both parties.


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