Lit Halloween situation by Her Campus: Group puts on costume party celebration to promote online magazine and activism

By: Kristin Helf, Staff Writer

Friday night at Paws was indeed a lituation, or “derived from a lit situation,” as junior mass communications major Josephine Hill said.

Students gathered to celebrate Halloween at a party hosted by Her Campus, the online collegiate magazine whose primary readership comes from female college students.

Hill serves as the events director of Her Campus Towson.

Along with other committee members, Hill helped to organize the event and present partiers with performances from Towson’s Latin dance team, Pasión, and Modelz of Distinction.

The event kicked off with Pasión’s dance performance and a serving of wings that quickly disappeared.

In a corner by the stage, many students posed in their Halloween costumes and had their pictures taken for Her Campus Towson’s Instagram, where students voted for their favorites by liking the pictures.

“I might give a shout-out to myself real quick, Queen of Hearts,” Hill said. “But a person on my committee, she’s a skeleton, her makeup is so, so good. There’s a tree and a koala right there. There’s a cat that looks pretty good, and a cheerleader.”

To add advocacy and education to the party, Sexual Assault Peer Educators also set up a booth that promoted safety and awareness.

“They said if you get three questions about consent right in a row, you get the consent button,” sophomore chemistry major Alanna Geary said. “So I was able to do that, which was really fun.”

By the end of the night, student Adrianna Morgan won the costume contest as a cheerleader. Upon hearing the announcement, DJ Indefinite played the song “Cheerleader” by Omi.

Everyone got into the spirit of Halloween by dancing, eating candy and celebrating with old and new friends.

“It’s just a really good colloquialism to describe 2015,” Hill said. “Come through, it’s lit. We are an online magazine, so we look for campus cuties, campus celebrities, campus fashionistas and we also write features.”

Her Campus Towson can be found on Facebook, and on Instagram and Twitter, @HerCampusTowson for future events.

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