Local pho hits the spot

By: Sierra Underdue, Columnist

Nested between Torrent Lounge and The Horoscope Shop on York Road is Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Dat Thanh. Fun fact: they’re Zagat rated!

I must admit, before starting school at Towson, I’d never known or even heard of pho. When a friend invited me to go for the very first time, I was super nervous. But over time, I became a frequent customer.

For those who do not know what pho is, don’t worry because I got your back. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup. It has broth, rice noodles, choice of meat or vegetables and you can add spices to make it even better.

Whether you are a frequent eater of pho or a newbie, I highly suggest ordering D7, which is the beef pho. It had beef stock and thinly sliced beef, so good. I usually add soy sauce and Sriracha for a little kick. The noodles are really soft, thick and filling and they are very generous with the meat portions. This coupled with this nice warm welcoming taste of the broth makes for the perfect winter meal!

If you have leftovers (which you probably will, because the portions are huge and the meal itself is so filling), ask for two containers. One is for the broth and the other is for the noodles and meat. The texture of the rice noodle tends to absorb the broth when left in it for too long, making it weird when you’re trying to eat it later.

When you order, you are always given this plate of fresh bean sprouts and other green veggies. If you are not skilled in eating with chopsticks, they provide silverware as well. There are also menu options for vegetarians and vegans too.

Plus if you’re not in the mood for pho, you can choose from a wide array of stir fry, sushi and other traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

I really like the “feel” of the restaurant itself. It’s small, cozy and casual, which makes it a great place for a nice lunch outing. Don’t be surprised if you find other Towson Tigers or local families gathered here.

The waiters are nice, but I will warn you that if you need something, you kind of have to flag them down to get their attention versus having them constantly coming to check up on you. If you’re like me and you eat on a budget, no worries because the most you’ll spend here is ten dollars.

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