LTE: A call for unity

By: Matt Teitelbaum, President, College Democrats

To my fellow Democrats,

Soon I will be publishing a new blog via the Huffington Post entitled “How Donald Trump Can Win the 2016 Presidential Election”. Before this comes out, I want to make a plea to each and every one of you, particularly supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Please support the Democratic nominee in 2016 with the same vigor and determination that we have given to President Obama these past 8 years.

I have been a supporter of Senator Sanders these past several months. I gave him my vote and publicly endorsed him right here on Facebook. However, I have accepted the mathematical reality of where his campaign currently stands.

Hillary Clinton will not make a perfect nominee for president, nor would Senator Sanders have made one. I had my preference, and it now appears that my party has chosen differently, with over 3 million more Democrats voting for Clinton than Sanders.

The reality of politics is that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I have the great privilege of knowing that Maryland Democrats overwhelmingly chose my preferred candidate for US Senate this year, Congressman Chris Van Hollen. However, I was fully prepared to support his Democratic opponent should he have lost.

The final key to a Trump (or Cruz for that matter) victory that I put in my next blog is to “Keep Bernie voters home” by preying on the perceived weaknesses of Clinton’s candidacy.

Each and every one of you that chooses not to democratically support the progressive values of our party because your candidate didn’t win the nomination will be complicit in a Republican victory this fall should it happen. Find it in your heart to let integrity and reason overcome spite and frustration. This can be difficult, but it is always the right choice.

Every vote not cast for Secretary Clinton, who despite not being my #1 choice for the nation’s highest office, is an incredibly intelligent, thoughtful and strong leader in her own right could lead to a Trump or Cruz presidency.

Clearly, this November, there will be no one with an (R) next to their name that has the experience, intellect, compassion and most importantly, the values to be our head of state.

I’m asking you as someone who knows your pain. This November, Vote for Hillary Clinton, a good Democrat to be our next President.

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