Mac Cosmetics releases “Selena” collection

By: Kerry Ingram, Columnist

The moment all makeup lovers have been waiting for has finally arrived: MAC Cosmetics’ Selena Collection is officially going on sale this Saturday, Oct. 1!

The line includes five eyeshadows (two neutral shades and three fun colors), one intense black mascara, a black liquid eyeliner, a blush/bronzer duo, a face brush and three lipsticks that embody Selena’s classic look. The line is available for pre-order on Sept. 28, but you can order online starting Oct. 1 and purchase in stores Oct. 6.

There are three distinctive reasons why I think that everyone should try to get their hands on this collection (and no, one of my reasons is not so I can live vicariously through you — because you better believe that I will be preordering every item the moment the clock strikes 12 a.m. on the 28th!)

The first reason is that this is one of the few makeup lines inspired by someone who actually deserves to have a line. I don’t mean to throw shade at anyone else, but in our current day and age, it seems like almost anybody can earn some type of brand collaboration just for having a following.  Selena Quintanilla was a celebrated Mexican-American music and fashion icon, and her legacy lives on today after her untimely death in 1995. Quintanilla had talent, beauty and grace, all while remaining down to earth, and is more than deserving of a cosmetics line.

The second reason you should check out this collection is because MAC Cosmetics usually does a great job with their collaborations, especially highly-anticipated ones like this. The pigmentation and lasting power of their products are worth the cost – plus, every item in this collection is most definitely fall appropriate, so it only makes sense to splurge, right?

My last reason for needing to purchase this collection is the reason that usually always settles my internal disputes of whether to buy or not to buy.  It’s limited edition! The collection will only be available until Nov. 17. Let that pressure sink in.

While you’re enjoying the rest of your stressful week of classes, just keep this information in mind. You just may need to treat yourself with this collection by the end of the week.


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