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By: Kerry Ingram, Associate Arts & Life Editor
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Dear Rihanna, please stop coming for my edges.

If you’ve read any of my Trendy Tiger articles of semesters past, you know my feelings about Rihanna’s Fenty products. She does her thing, okay.

As someone who wasn’t a huge Rihanna fan music-wise, I was skeptical about the hype surrounding her product launches, but quickly learned just how impressive her products were. Now that the summer is creeping up on us, Rihanna came out with a brand new launch, and from her preview videos on Instagram, she appeared to be playing zero games.

That is…with the exception of one product.

Let me first start off by speaking on her body launch. In early April, Fenty Beauty launched her Body Lava and Glitter Pom Pom, two products meant to give your skin some serious glow during the summer season. The hype was real, with fans freaking out on Instagram, and later, men making hilarious parodies of her launch video.

When it was time for these two products to come to Sephora, I was frightened, a) for my wallet and b) for my sanity as a Sephora employee. With both products being over $40, I expected the absolute best.

I got about half of that.

Fenty’s Body Lava, the limited edition liquid body illuminator that retails for $59, went fast, and for good reason. The product smells of a beautiful vanilla scent, with just the right amount of sweetness, and it makes your skin look like that of a goddess. Although it does have a larger amount of actual glitter than I would typically want, this product looked amazing on a multitude of skin complexions, and I can definitely see it being a hit over the summer.

As for the Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom, that’s a whole other story.

The pom pom, which retails for $42, is legitimately a huge puff-ball with glitter in the center. Users are advised to bounce the puff on the skin to release the shimmer and leave the body glowing.

Let me just say: Rihanna was smart with the packaging and trying to sell this overall gimmick, but this is a waste of money. Point, blank, period.

I tried this product out in store, and felt absolutely ridiculous hitting myself with a puff-ball, only to receive what looked like dollar-store arts and craft glitter. I looked like a fairy sneezed on me. To make matters worse, a YouTube video by Beauty News came out less than two weeks later, in which the pom pom was cut open in order to see how much product was inside. The verdict? The $42 pom pom is filled with 95 percent cotton. The other 5 percent belongs to a flat cotton-round covered in glitter.

I was so shocked, all I could do was laugh after seeing this.

I don’t think the product would seem so questionable if it wasn’t so expensive. A glitter pom pom for $10? Maybe. $42? Absolutely not.

And that is why I am going to give you the quick rundown on how to make your own body highlighter (because if you’re reading this and are a college student, you shouldn’t be shelling out over $40 for a highlighter anyways, unless you’re crazy like I am).

All you need for this hack is:

  1.     A loose glitter highlighter (you can get this from the drugstore; I recommend Makeup Revolution’s Pearl Lights Loose Highlighter)
  2.     Johnson’s Baby Oil
  3.     A bottle to store the product in (bonus points if you can find one with a pump)

Now literally all you have to do is mix the baby oil with the highlighter (start off with less highlighter and add lightly until you reach your desired amount), and shake it up in the spare bottle you’re going to store it in. Apply this mixture onto your skin and bam. You now have a summer worthy glow for less than $15, and can easily convince others your glow is that of mother nature.

Although Rihanna usually does her thing, sometimes it’s the cheap way out that’s a better option. So get ready to glow, my friends, because now it’s something that’s achievable, affordable, and not so limited.

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