Make the most of your Halloween

By: Miranda Mowrey, Columnist

The other day, I took a quick trip to Walmart to pick up pumpkin carving supplies when I was disturbed by the army of fake Christmas trees towering over me in aisle nine. Seriously, Christmas already? I have not even begun to brainstorm possible answers to questions like, “What are you going to do after you graduate?” that will inevitably come from one of my family members at Thanksgiving dinner.

As October comes to a close, let’s make an effort to soak up the rest of the spooky season. There are so many fun, unique, fall-y things to do before Halloween fades out. Here are just a couple things you could check off your fall bucket list:

Bake some cookies!

Well, specifically the ready-to-bake, pre-cut, pumpkin Pillsbury cookies. I put this one first for a reason: it simply is not fall unless you ingest at least a dozen of these cookies and absolutely hate yourself afterwards.

Swap out “The Office” or “Friends” for a scary movie.

As you probably know, Netflix offers a bunch of different horror movie choices. Cable channels, such as AMC, have Halloween movie marathons that premier scary movies up until Nov. 1. Get watching!

Candles, candles, candles.

Whether you are attempting to mask the mystery smell seeping out of your living room’s shag carpet, or the smell of the burnt Pillsbury cookies from earlier, candles always do the trick. Especially fall-scented candles really set the spooky season vibes. Remember, there is no such thing as buying too many candles.

Visit a local pumpkin patch.

There are a couple of local pumpkin patches near campus you can visit, including my personal favorite, Weber’s Cider Mill Farm. Saddle up for a hayride, take a bite of one of those apple cider donuts that everyone is posting about, or buy a pumpkin to carve and decorate. If you choose to carve a pumpkin, try baking the pumpkin seeds and flavoring them with salt, cinnamon, and for us Marylanders, Old Bay!

Pick a costume that you’re excited about.

Peruse through Pinterest or the hundreds of people that already Instagrammed their Halloween costumes for ideas; but try to find something original, comfortable, and something that won’t kill your bank account.

When Halloween is over and November brings the promise of Thanksgiving, I will be sure to help with possible responses to your family nagging you about your future. But for now, stop worrying about what is to come and appreciate the Halloween season while you still can.  

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