Mani trends to nail this spring

By Kai Johnson, Contributing Writer
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The weather may not feel like spring yet, but your next manicure can put you in the spring mood! The pops of color with these new spring trends are sure to get you ready for the sunny weather. With the variety of styles this upcoming season, there is sure to be something for everyone to love.

Essie’s New Polishes: Essie nail polish recently debuted their spring 2018 nail polish colors, with the new collection giving a range of polish hues that elicit springtime vibes. Each of the colors are bright and bold, with the magic of the sunny season in them. The names of the shades follow a sailing and ocean theme, and each shade will work beautifully with any floral and flowy spring outfit (however, they are sure to stand out and add a pop of color to any outfit, even now in the cold winter weather!) 

Abstract Nails: Abstract nail art seems like it’s going to be a big hit this upcoming season. From random streaks of polish on nude nails, to blots and dots of random colors, this season is one for art expression. Use this trend to try free handing your manicure and if you mess up, keep it and just call it abstract!  

Stripes: Perhaps going deeper into the abstract trend, lines of all types are taking the stage. Single or double, thick or thin, linear patterns are sure to make a statement. Put them on a nude nail or on top of a bold color base to amp up your mani game. Tip: using tape to outline where you want to paint can help keep the lines straight and neat as you go along (just make sure your base color of polish is completely dry before applying the tape!) 

Metallic Polishes: Miss watching the winter Olympics? Don’t worry! Metallic shades ranging from gold to silver to bronze are in for spring. You can carry a little piece of the Olympic medals around with you and sparkle and shine wherever you go! Wear them one at a time or all together; mix it up with various metallic polishes this season. 

Floral Designs: The spring months bring freshly planted gardens and beautiful flowers. Why not have them on your nails and take them everywhere you go, too? Floral patterns, be it covering the full nail or even just the tips, will be a popular trend this spring. Whether you use vibrant and bold colors to make the flowers, or subtle and sweet pastels, this trend is sure to put you in the mood for a trip to the farmers market or a walk outside. 

Color Blocking: Color blocking has been here for a while, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Want a more classic look? Go for black and white! Want to go bolder? Try picking two colors that may clash or that typically wouldn’t be worn together! You can also plan your outfits ahead of the time and paint your nails to match the main colors in your outfit, for a more color-coordinated look. 

For nail inspiration on these looks, Pinterest is a great tool to see the latest trends and how these looks can be executed. Make a board for nail ideas in general or make one for each season.

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