Meet the candidates running for SGA

By Gabriel Donahue, editor-in-chief

Elections for the 104th Towson University Student Government Association administration begin on April 17.

There is one candidate running for each administrative position except treasurer, which has two.

The Towerlight sent each candidate on the 2024 ballot a questionnaire to allow them to explain their campaigns in their own words. Below are the responses.

Note: presidential candidate Edmund Rhynes Jr., attorney general candidate Kennedy Bennett, chief of staff candidate Mary Adewole and deputy chief of staff candidate Oreofe Odusanya did not respond to the questionnaire.

Why did you decide to run?

What is one pressing issue currently being faced by Towson students, and how would you help address it if elected?

If you previously held office and are running for reelection, please give an example of at least one improvement you believe you made or initiated for Towson students.

In what way(s) do you think the SGA is lacking connection with or an understanding of Towson’s student body, and how could it improve?

If you previously held office and are running for reelection, what was your greatest accomplishment in your previous term?

Note: the candidate responses were collected via survey. The Towerlight only edited them for grammatical and punctuation errors.

Gabe Donahue has held numerous positions within The Towerlight. He started as a writer before becoming the News Editor, and now he serves as Editor-in-Chief.


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