Women who have left an impact on TU

For Women’s History Month, we are featuring women who have had a large impact on Towson University. If you think you or someone you know should be featured, please email

Meghan Hudson, Former Towerlight Editor-in-Chief

When I was at TU, I studied Mass Communication & PR. I had previously been a Business major where I felt severely isolated as a female. I truly admire the female business majors at Towson who make it through those classes where they may be one of three women. For me, I found a strong passion for journalism and went a different route thanks to The Towerlight. 

From Freshman to Senior year I was able to climb the rankings and ultimately serve as the Editor-in-Chief beginning in early 2020. 

Our team worked hard to transition The Towerlight to its online format during the height of the pandemic. In Fall of 2020 we welcomed The Towerlight’s first ever all female Editorial Board.

Joelle Starling, Health education & Promotion major

I created Nine10th org as a way to honor my dad who passed of cancer in February 2021. Realizing how young my dad passed showed me how important it is to spread healthcare knowledge and educate on misconceptions within minority communities, since so many diseases we face can be prevented. 

My mission is to educate the community on mental, sexual, and physical health as well as giving back to underrepresented populations and families in need. 9 times out of 10 people have the means to help but don’t, and my goal is to turn this 9/10 into the giving majority.

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