Men’s mental health is serious

By: Samuel Smith, Columnist

This article discusses mental health and suicide.

According to Mental Health America, over 6 million men suffer from depression, and over 3 million men have some sort of phobia or panic disorder. Yet the face of mental health is usually a white woman. Why are men not talking about this?

We were conditioned to have a boys don’t cry type of mentality from a young age. This means, rather than talking about our feelings, we bottle them up. Rather than cry, we can sometimes become aggressive. This isn’t healthy and it’s literally killing us. According to Psychology Today, every 20 minutes, another man takes his life. This needs to stop. What can we do?

Check up on your brothers, your father and your friends. Even the happiest of guys can be suffering, and a simple text such as “You okay? I’m here to talk” can help change or save a life. Know the signs of depression, such as:

  • Loss of appetite or increased appetite
  • Withdrawal
  • Low mood
  • Guilt/hopelessness
  • Loss of interest in doing things you usually enjoy

And get help if you notice these signs. If you notice these in your friend or friends, encourage them to get help, whether that’s talking to a doctor or talking to a therapist.
Talk about it. Talk about mental illness with your peers or family. Normalize talking about mental health.

Finally, take care of yourself. Finals are coming up, there’s a lot of projects due soon and it can be a stressful time with the holiday season coming up. Take some time to yourself. Do a face mask. Play video games. Crank up your music. Do what makes you feel happy, calm and in-tune with yourself. Encourage your friends and family to do the same.


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