Music award show not just for kids

By: Caitlin Moynihan, Columnist

This past Sunday, the Radio Disney Music Awards aired on Disney Channel, and I have a lot of thoughts about this. Before you roll your eyes and turn the page, hear me out! I promise I won’t waste your time and talk about tweenagers that we don’t care about.

I will say that, wow, I miss how good Disney Channel was when we were kids. These kids don’t even know how bad they have it.

Okay, moving on. At this year’s RDMAs, I was shocked at the number of normal celebrities that attended. And by “normal celebrities,” I mean that I think we’re all in agreement about a definite difference between every day celebs and those who are on a Disney Channel television show.

Not only were there a bunch of them walking the red carpet, but they were also winning awards and actually accepting them! I don’t know if the concept is as weird for you as it is for me, but seeing Blake Shelton sitting in the audience for a Disney award show just made me giggle.

While he was being a good boyfriend and supporting Gwen Stefani’s win for the Special Hero Award, I feel as if Disney is the complete opposite of the personal brand Shelton has built for himself.

Ariana Grande was present to not only accept her award for Best Song to Dance to, but she also performed her newest single “Dangerous Woman.” Yes, Grande may have gotten herself on a TV show meant for tweens, but that’s definitely not the demographic she is currently selling to.

Her song is constantly on the radio, and she makes millions, so she definitely didn’t need the money or the press—and neither did Shelton. It just didn’t feel right to see them there. I guess this is just further proof that you can never grow out of Disney, no matter how rich and famous you are.

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