Music debuts

By: Caitlin Moynihan, Columnist 

Recently, we were massively #blessed with new music. Both Justin Bieber and One Direction released their anticipated albums “Purpose” and “Made in the A.M.” respectively.

Now, before you shake your head and let out a sneer as you flip the page, please hear me out. Bieber and the guys of One Direction obviously put a lot of time, effort and dare I say it, soul, into their work. So much so that I even got my 28-year-old brother to agree that their new music was something that he wouldn’t hate listening to.

We all know about Bieber’s downfall and eventual rise back, and One Direction have been under constant scrutiny since their inception, and their albums reflect their past while promising a future.

This being said, each group is bound to take different paths.

Bieber has regained lost fans and is getting the most support he has seen in years. With a huge tour already in the works, Bieber is propelling himself into stardom yet again.

While this is, in my opinion, One Direction’s best album to date, there are no plans for them to benefit exponentially from its success.

With their year-long hiatus of everything boyband related fast-approaching, the band will not be able to gain as much as Bieber will. I am a die-hard One Direction fan and have no problem admitting that I am worried about their eventual comeback in 2017.

Bieber is gaining new fans and supporters due to his new sound and his tour, and signings and promos will bring even more attention. One Direction has a solid and strong fan base that I believe will last their sabbatical, but they definitely won’t be growing fan-wise at the same rate as Bieber. Nov. 13 proved to be an important day that will launch both artists to a completely new artistic level.

Now please, I am begging you to at least listen to a few songs off of Spotify and give them a chance. I promise you won’t regret it.

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