Need a class change? Here’s everything you need to know about the add/drop period

By: Stephanie Samsel, News Editor

Towson University students have between four and eight days into the fall semester to drop a course without a grade posted to their academic record. 

The course add/drop period ends on Sept. 1 for seven-week courses and on Sept. 7 for full-semester courses. 

The add/drop period aids on-time graduation, and helps students remain eligible for financial aid, Provost Melanie Perreault said in a statement.

Passing fewer than 15 credits a semester is the most common mistake students make as it slows the graduation process, she said. 

“Students need to recognize the long-term consequences of passing fewer than 15 credits a semester,” Perreault said.”…Dropping a class and taking fewer than 12 credits can have consequences for financial aid and residency on campus.”

Further, she said students should wait to drop a class until after meeting with an advisor and seeking help with their academics. Students who withdraw from a course after the change of schedule deadline will have a “W” grade on their transcript and an impacted financial aid eligibility. 

Heather Sullivan, the associate director of the registrar’s office, said in an email it’s important to use the academic calendar to stay on top of deadlines. 

“Paying attention to dates posted on the academic calendar is a great way for students to avoid missing potential deadlines,” Sullivan said. 

All students can change their course schedule through their Student Dashboard. Instructions on how to do so are on TU’s registration page


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