New app gives away luxury goods, all for free

By: Kerry Ingram, Associate Arts & Life Editor
Featured image courtesy of Suprize App


Guys, I’ve been holding on to a little secret for some time now, and I think I’m finally ready to share it.

Surprise. It’s an app.

Back in February, my knack for blog-stalking and being all-up-in-celeb-business earned me the discovery of the app called “Suprize,” dedicated to giving out exclusive freebies to anyone willing to download it. When I first heard about the app, I was expecting for it to be one of those scams that makes you fill out monotonous surveys in order to win points that then could maybe get you something for free. However, I was more than wrong and twice as impressed.

“Suprize,” which according to Refinery29 was curated by friends of celebrities Ariana Grande, Drake, and Justin Bieber, uses an easy gaming system in order to determine winners for designer and luxury products they receive as being part of the A-list crowd. Prizes range from hats and clothing by Supreme, to KKW cosmetics, to even things like Gucci wallets and Yeezy kicks.

Upon downloading the app, users are shown a countdown clock for the next time a prize will drop, as well as a hint as to what the product will be. Users can get notified five minutes before a drop, in which they can then wait to play a short game in order to compete for the prize.

What’s the game? Users must be able to spot the emoji that is different out of a screen full of the same emojis. There are 60 seconds to complete the game, and the person who is the fastest wins the prize.

Since owning the app, I’ve gotten notified about prize drops at least three times a day, and the products are always worth pausing your daily routine for. And the best thing about the app? It’s completely free to download, and requires no true personal information to be entered until you win (in which you would then have to provide your name, address, and form of contact information in order to receive your prize).

Although the app seems great, some believe it too good to be true. Reviews on Apple’s App store range from praise to apprehension, with some questioning whether “Suprize” is actually a scam. However, the range of comments from winners left in the reviews and on social media showcase that the app seems to be more than legitimate. To increase in the app’s fairness, users are only able to win one prize every 72 hours (so choose your battles wisely, ladies and gents).

To my own dismay, I have not been fast enough to win a prize (I once played and was 2 SECONDS slower than the winner of a Supreme cap; I was lowkey livid), however that hasn’t stopped this college kid from playing every single time a new drop launches. I recommend downloading the app.


I promise it’ll become more addictive than Candy Crush.

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